Convert the plain boring walls of your living room & bedroom with fancy tiles

We live in a modern world and everything around us is designed to look good and feel good. We do everything from buying the latest outfits, roaming around in fancy vehicles to using the latest smartphones so that we stay in line with the latest trends. Among all of this, there’s one aspect that we closely need to look into and that is transforming our homes. Our homes define who we are, the interiors of one’s home speak for him/her. It’s, thus, important to consider renovating your home interiors to match with the current trends.

Gone are the days when a room with four solid painted walls and wallpapers would awe someone. Today, everyone prefers a modern touch to their home interiors and there’s nothing better than wall tiles. Wall tiles, stone tiles, mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, brick walls, etc. are the swank new craze that will breathe character into your living room or bedroom. One can add style and personality to your walls with fancy tiles. You can customize your living room walls and bedroom walls with the right play of texture, colour, design and material. Here are some design ideas that will help you elevate your living room and bedroom.


Stone tile walls :

If a striking and bold look is what you’re looking for, there’s nothing better than stone tile walls. Add character to your modern living room with natural stone wall tiles. It perfectly complements wooden tile floors and wooden furniture’s. Once you have locked on the material the next step that follows is fixing it. Here’s where MYK LATICRETE tile and stone adhesive comes into play. For fixing tiles or stones on different substrates, PUA 212 epoxy is a recommended versatile, high strength adhesive. It is specially formulated for fixing stone veneers. One may opt MYK LATICRETE 335 Superflex Or LATICRETE 340 polymer modified adhesives for fixing small to large format stones on interior and exterior walls.


Ceramic tiles

For spaces behind your TV area or a certain part of your living room, you could opt for the brilliant arrangement of ceramic tiles in shades of ash, sand and charcoal. This makes for a beautifully warm and inviting living room. LATICRETE 325 High Flex is a multipurpose, polymer-modified powder offering vast utility including applications for walls in interior & exterior areas. This adhesive is known for its superior strength and flexibility.


Mosaic tiles

Some of our living rooms have drywall boards, it could be to separate our dining area from the living room or for any other reason. What if you were told you could add beauty to these drywall boards? Surprised? Don’t be. Choose from the options of mosaic tiles and worry not about fixing them. MYK LATICRETE offers a special ready-to-use adhesive DWA 215, designed for the installation of glass mosaic tile, ceramic tile, vitrified tile and natural stone on most drywall boards and clean dry cement-based surfaces.


Ceiling tiles

Complement that graceful chandelier hanging from the ceiling with matching ceiling tiles for an aesthetic look. There are different types of ceiling tiles the market offers you. Choose a pattern that best compliments your living room and add a touch of finesse to your home. LATAPOXY 310 spot bonding tile adhesive is a two-component non-sag high strength epoxy chemical anchor ideally suited for spot-fixing or attaching marble or stone slabs on walls and for installing marble tiles or heavy tiles on ceilings.

So, go ahead and recreate the look of your living room and bedroom with tiles and stones of your choice.