MYK LATICRETE offers a full range of tile and stone care products that will add years, beauty and care to your stone and tile installation. Sealers, Enhancers and Cleaners have specially formulated solutions that offer the best protection, cost-effectiveness and ensure longevity of tiles and stones in their natural form. Sealers offer protection by creating a barrier between the contaminants and surface; they provide stain resistance and prolonged life to the surface. Enhancers are used to rejuvenate the colour and appearance of worn, faded tiles and stones. Enhancers provide long-lasting protection against oil, grease and stains. Cleaners are routine cleaning substances that are non-acidic and won’t damage stone, tile or grout.


  • The Sealer and Enhancer range by MYK LATICRETE uses advanced nano-impregnating technology
  • The Cleaning range by MYK LATICRETE is non-acidic and non-corrosive
  • Low VOC after application
  • Fast acting, economical and easy to use
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior applications
  • Products

    MaxiSeal plus is a nano technology based impregnating sealer designed for protection of all surfaces
    Nano technology based impregnating sealer with water as a carrier designed to protect all surfaces
    MaxiSeal is a nano technology based impregnating sealer designed for the protection of all mediums
    Colour & Gloss Enhancers
    Is a single component solution for enhancing and sealing the natural colour of textured stone surfaces
    Preserva enhances the natural colour of flamed, tumbled and textured stone surfaces.
    Tile Cleaner
    CLENZA TC is a fast acting, acid-based cleaner for daily maintenance of tiles and removal of dirt
    LATICRETE® 190 Sealer is an invisible, penetrating sealer which forms an invisible water repellent
    Clenza TS™ Tap and Shower Cleaner is a specialty cleaner designed to remove hard water stains
    Clenza EG is a non-acid cleaner to remove epoxy grout haze from tile, concrete and stone surfaces.
    Clenza GA is an acid cleaner which can be used to remove grout and adhesive haze, hard water deposit
    Clenza EF is an acidic cleaner which can be used to remove efflorescence from tile and stone surfaces
    Clenza MC is a non-toxic cleaner which can be used for daily maintenance for marble flooring