Do you wish to make your flooring installation more sound proof?

Choose from MYK LATICRETE sound control flooring solutions, for use in both residential and commercial settings. MYK LATICRETE offers a line of professional grade sound control products including underlay and overlay system that provides noise reduction as well as vibration isolation. In addition, MYK LATICRETE sound control flooring products achieve low ∆IIC ratings, providing assurance of an effective and long-lasting sound proof installation.


  • Environmental friendly – Since these products are manufactured from recycled rubber, they are very environmental friendly
  • Long life span – Underlays and floating floors once installed will last for life
  • Helps to protect screed from cracking – Besides reducing the impact noises, MYKL sound control products also help in protecting the screed from cracking
  • Does not absorb water – MYKL sound control products are water repellent. They do not absorb water. They are resistant to bacteria, mold and fungi growth
  • Easy to install – fast and economical
  • Hassle-free and long lasting


MYK LATICRETE UL (underlayment) is a high-performance sound control mat that reduces impact noises through ceramic tiles, stone, hard wood, laminate wood, LVT, SPC and other hard surfacing materials.
MYK LATICRETE Floating Floor is a robust dimpled rubber pad made from 92% recycled rubber material. Floating floor is used to provide high levels of impact and vibration insulation in floor / ceiling applications.
MYK LATICRETE GYM is an all-in-one flooring system for gyms and fitness rooms. The mats are engineered to reduce structure-borne noise and vibration associated with fitness facilities in all types of constructions.