MYK LATICRETE Stone Adhesive is a factory made cementitious dry powder which is mixed with water or special liquid additive to form a paste, providing problem-free, full bedding stone installation. MYK LATICRETE’s range of Stone adhesives retain water for self-curing and have high bonding strength, allowing the natural stones to directly fix to the substrate. With a non-sag feature, our range of Stone Adhesives also have the capability to sustain heavy service loads of the Premium Natural Stone.

MYK LATICRETE range of Stone Adhesives include range of Thick-bed & Medium-bed Adhesives that were exclusively designed to keep in mind the specialized requirements that are associated with the installation of Premium Natural Stones.

  • Areas of usage: Residential and commercial floors and walls, Swimming pools, External cladding


Our range of Stone Adhesives address the following issues associated with the conventional method of installing Natural Stone Slabs with a Cement Sand Bed:

  • Cement Sand bed is made with Cement Slurry that loses water, shrinks, and leads to Formation of hollow beneath the heavy natural stone slabs.
  • Heavy Natural Stones also need to be installed on a strong cured screed bed to sustain these heavy loads and the cement sand bed isn’t strong enough to withstand these loads.
  • In addition, when heavy natural stone slabs are installed on loosely laid cement sand bed, the cement slurry loses water through the capillary pores and discharges dissolved salts that appear as powdery stains on the stone surface, resulting in wet patches & picture framing. This spoils the premium natural stone’s aesthetics & finish.
  • On vertical surfaces that are often not true to plumb, Natural stones are often fixed with a cement blob & voids are fixed with a cement sand mix or cement slurry. This blob & the cement sand mix loses water, thereby shrinking & again leads to hollow beneath the stone.


This is a highly polymer modified medium bed adhesive for fixing small to large format stones on interior and exterior wall.
This is a polymer modified thick bed adhesive for fixing small to large format stones on interior and exterior floor.