The correct placement of tiles and stones, whether for a residential or commercial building, is quite important. With more than 20 years of expertise, MYK LATICRETE has established itself as a trusted name in the flooring industry and offers a wide selection of top-notch flooring and installation products & services. Our selection of Application Tools was created specifically to assist you in installing the product properly due to their unique design elements, additional features, and impeccable quality.

The MYK LATICRETE Application Tool line includes trowels, spacers, floaters, and levellers to help with the hassle-free installation of tiles and stones. Professionals in the industry have tried, tested, and trusted our application tools. For those seeking superior performance and rugged durability, you can browse through our extensive range of Application Tools now.


  • Precision balanced, ready to use – Easy to install, perfect finishes
  • High-strength, lightweight quality base material – Extra Long Life
  • Texture ribbing provides a great grip and reduces fatigue – Guaranteed comfort for long-hour usage
  • Redesigned internal geometry. Greater resistance to bending and flattering – Assured Job Satisfaction


The levelling Clips & Wedges is designed for a faster and easier tile installation.
This tool is designed to apply grout in spaces between mosaic, stones, and tiles.
Tile spacer is specially designed to create a uniform gap between tiles, this results in proper alignment throughout the tiling area.
The notch trowel is great for professional tile/stone installations and multi-use, DIY renovation projects etc.