Tile joint (Grouts) fillers are used in the space between adjoining tiles laid either on the floor or walls. Traditionally, tiling is done by placing tiles close with white cement used to fill the tile joints instead of tile joint fillers. White cement tends to break easily, leading to dirty/ stained tile joints, water seepage and growth of fungus/ bacteria.

To overcome these problems, MYK LATICRETE® has introduced an innovative range of grouts which provide stain-free tile joints, are acid/ chemical resistant, non- cracking or powdering, anti- fungal & anti- bacterial


  • Easy to apply
  • Stainfree tile joints (Grouts)
  • Non- cracking or powdering
  • Anti- fungal & anti- bacterial
  • Available in range of 40 colours to suit your tile colour
  • Acid/ chemical resistant (epoxy based grouts only)
  • Products

    Stainfree Grout
    This is a single component, high performance modified joint filling grout
    SP-100 Stain Resistant, Water Resistant, Germ Resistant Tile Joint for Floors & Walls
    Cementitious Grout
    This is a carefully prepared blend of Portland cement, graded aggregates, fortifiers and colour-fast pigments
    This is made of blended Portland cement & graded aggregates
    Grout Admix
    This is a specially designed Latex Admix to be used with Sanded and unsanded grout
    Speciality Grout
    This is a Floor N’ Wall is an epoxy grout specifically designed to enhance aesthetics
    This a 100% solid epoxy grout specifically formulated for maximum chemical and high temperature resistance