Rid Flooring of Hygiene Hassles with MYK LATICRETE SP-100 Tile Joint

Restaurants, bathrooms, and kitchens…what do they all have in common?

They are delicate spaces from the perspective of sanitation. Possibilities of wet floors and the increased likelihood of harmful contaminants can quickly shift them from a haven of hygiene to a breeding ground for unwanted pathogens, germs, and bacteria. Several cases of severe contamination and health code violations have cropped up in the media indicating that going the extra mile to ensure sanitation is paramount. While the correct flooring is usually in place, offering the basic levels of sanitation, there is a possibility of contamination occurring in every seam and joint on the floor. No matter the number of clean downs, spreading of steam and grease; polluting of indoor air quality; growing of mold; and more present the dangers of lurking bacteria and fungi because they go out of reach of mops and machines after they get lodged in the fissures. In fact, mopping can send them in deeper. Grease deposits in these joints can serve as potential slip and fall pitfalls. Maintaining grouted flooring can also be quite a challenge in the midst of busy operations or a daily grind.

While cement-based grout has reigned, there are some inherent issues that come with it, thus rendering it ineffective in demanding areas. The grout is porous and prone to mold and mildew. Excessive moisture can lead to it peeling and cracking. It also gets stained pretty easily and needs to be sealed for effectiveness. Strong, corrosive cleaning products such as bleaches can further cause deterioration of the grout. As a result, tile can move, chip, and crack restricting movement of food trolleys, hurting people in the process and making it almost impossible to clean.

This has led to the requirement of products that are impervious, seamless, and hard wearing. MYK LATICRETE exercised its expertise to develop the SP-100 tile joint, taking into consideration all the imaginable issues that could crop up and pose a concern.

  • With special formulations that can help control pathogens through resistance, repel stains and water, the grout is optimized to create a clean environment
  • It doesn’t powder or crack, efficiently locking out chemicals too
    The highs and lows of temperature from the shower or the gas also have no effect on this highly durable grout
  • With all these elevated functionalities, the grout completes the circle by keeping the visual appeal of the flooring unbroken. It is available in a myriad of colors to match the floor and has color-fast properties

Further, it is designed for interior and covered exterior floor and wall joints of all types of ceramic tile, vitreous tiles, glass mosaic tiles, metal tiles, and natural stones among others. The SP-100 tile joint from MYK LATICRETE has shone through in a variety of environments as well, from institutional and commercial kitchens to cafeterias to rest rooms, to wet areas such as swimming pools, sauna, and water bodies.