myk laticrete adhesives for tile and stone cladding

Adorn the façade of your home exterior with Tiles & Stone cladding

Making a great first impression of ourselves is what we always focus on, but what about the first impression of the home? The façade of a home plays a key role in leaving that first impression.
It expresses the personality of its occupants and the space it holds inside. To think of it, exteriors are a great place to design and experiment with new ideas. You could use colors, fancy patterns of tiles, stones & marbles, and several other finishes.

Out of the many materials that are trending today, tile cladding is considered to top the list. There are several types of tiles you could choose from. Porcelain tiles are considered to be the ideal choice for designing facades of homes and other constructions as well. They are available in various colors, textures, and designs. Porcelain tiles are made from a blend of fine-grained clay and other materials.

The other trending design one could go with to adorn the façade of your home exterior is stone cladding. Natural stones are most preferred. For instance, sandstone, travertine, and limestone any of this could be a great pick. It additionally increases the mechanical strength of the building or the home exterior.

Now, there are challenges associated with façade tiling and there are ways to fight these challenges as well. Challenges mostly occur in the form of weather conditions, the presence of UV rays and pollutants. To further elaborate, there are common issues you can face during tiling on facades. And also these external conditions can affect the look of the façade over the years. The high-temperature can lead to loosening of tiles from the substrate and can spoil the look of the whole structure.

During monsoons, water can enter the tile joints through capillaries or micro-cracks in the joints, causing the tiles to de-bond. In comparison to interior tiling, exterior tiling is exposed to aggressive conditions.
Voids behind the tiles provide a place for water to gather if tiles have not been pressed enough to the tile adhesive. With temperature variations, different materials expand and contract at different rates. This results in stresses between the tile and the substrate, which could cause de-bonding and result in delamination.

Thus, firstly choosing the ideal materials matter most and secondly fixing these materials onto the façade of the home exterior or any construction is key too. MYK LATICRETE introduces you to flexible, thermal resistant, shock & impact resistant tile adhesives. These adhesives are suitable to fight all the above conditions.

If you have decided to go with marbles or stone slabs to adorn your house exterior, go for LATAPOXY® 310 – a Spot Bonding Adhesive. It’s a high strength epoxy chemical anchor ideally suited for spot-fixing or attaching marble or stone slabs on external facades.
Of you have decided to go with tiles, go for LATICRETE ® 335 Super Flex. It’s a multipurpose floor and wall tile adhesive that has a convenient open time with high adhesion and workability.

Now, it’s time to choose a grout that is not only stain-free but also endures various climatic conditions. MYK LATICRETE STELLAR, a high-performance ready-to-use grout is a perfect choice for such applications offering excellent colour uniformity and durability. It is not only stain-resistant but can also withstand the harmful UV rays making it an ideal grout for external facades.

Go wild on your imagination and adorn the façade of your home exterior. MYK LATICRETE Tile Adhesives & grouts can help you bring a unique and dramatic finish to your projects. Knock out typically looking exterior plain walls, and transform it into an opportunity to explore new ideas.
With MYK LATICRETE Tile Adhesives & grouts you get to enjoy the ease of maintenance as well as the design versatility. So, let your brilliance shine through the most important aspect of the building- Façade.