The ideal adhesive for commercial space – DWA 215

One comes across a mall at every nook and corner of the city. But, have you ever thought of the maintenance of the stores within it? If you’re reading this blog, you either own a store at the mall or you are sooner or later planning to. Let’s make life a little simpler for you. Owning a store at the mall is no easy task, a lot of responsibilities flow with it. While you consider setting up your store, there are many aspects one needs to look into. The look and feel of the place most importantly. You may have thought of the external décor and certainly with it comes the minute aspects you must look into as well.

For a store at the mall, you need to create partitions that are the easiest substitute for traditional walls. They allow less structural cost and also do not subdue a lot of weight on the structure. This simplifies your burden to a great extent. Now, what’s important here is that one needs to fix tiles on these drywall boards accurately. There’s no scope of doing a raw work here; the finish needs to be perfect so that it benefits you in the long run.
Every store has a unique look and you may want to use different types of tiles on drywall boards to make it look appealing. All you need to do is fix it well after you have chosen the tile of your choice. MYK LATICRETE is the name of the game for you. MYK LATICRETE Specialty adhesives help renovate the space with different tiles by allowing to fix tiles on drywall boards with ease and versatility.

From the range of Specialty Adhesives, LATICRETE DWA 215, a ready-to-use adhesive is an ideal choice that helps in fixing all types of tiles on drywall boards.

But the challenge doesn’t end here. In the mall, you are outset to meet customers. The increase in footfalls can lead to vibrations, leading to the gradual formation of cracks in Dry Wall Boards.

Also, damp patches on the Dry Wall Board can be formed due to moisture presence, and it can permeate through the Tiles spoiling the look of whole partition wall. But we are here to enlighten you with the best solution.
Yes, you avoid these challenges for years to come if your adhesive is not faulty. MYK LATICRETE has designed Specialty Adhesives that not only hold tiles firmly but also protect your Dry Wall Board from such external factors.

With MYK LATICRETE the partitions of Dry Wall Boards will be extremely durable, versatile & eco-friendly, all at the same time.