SP-100 tile joint for hospitals


Today’s time has proved with much more evidence that the Hospital design & construction plan highly impact its atmosphere. The smooth running of procedures and treatments can only be ensured when patients feel safer. Thus, the most important criteria, after best doctors and facilities, what one looks into is the hygiene when it comes to selecting a hospital.

Many aspects are thought about in the making of an ideal hospital or a clinic. It must follow stringent hygiene methods as it is a place where one can catch infection easily. Areas like Operation theatres; ICU, Pathology labs, Blood banks, General wards, etc. need special attention when it comes to sanitation.

There is a lot of running about when we look into an emergency scene in the hospital. The floor-surfaces of the Hospitals or Clinics are often contaminated with extensive footfalls. Though cleaning of floors does take place regularly, it can only help to remove the visible dirt. What about the stubborn pathogens that dwell between the tiles; in the tile-joints?

Also, in the process of cleaning, tile joints at hospitals are frequently exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals and they tend to lose their bonding strength. Thus the tile joints start powdering leading to dirt and water accumulation, which in turn provide room to germs and other bacteria creating an unhygienic environment.

Now, when we consider a hospital setting all these minute yet necessary details must be taken care of as patients have low immunity and catch the infections easily.

This is where tile joints require special attention and is important that these tile joints are chemical resistant & germ-resistant. MYK LATICRETE’s SP-100 is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial tile joint which makes it an ideal grout for hospitals.

While building this place of well-being, everything needs to be USFDA approved and MYK LATICRETE SP-100 Tile joint meets that criteria. Switching to MYK LATICRETE SP-100 Tile-Joint will not only give you the peace of mind and safety but will also save on cost while protecting your tiles in the long run. To make you feel more like home, MYK LATICRETE SP-100 Tile Joint comes in different colors that never fade and make the tiles look new for years to come.