myk laticrete pua 212

MYK LATICRETE PUA 212 – A versatile product – Fix any Tile on any Substrate

We live in an ever-evolving world. But with the passing years, the expectations have increased and we want to look at things uniquely each day. If you look around in your surroundings or anywhere you travel, you will notice how hotels, building facades, swimming pools, and many such places are constantly being modernized and gentrified.

While mentioning about it, it sure sounds like a big hassle to keep pace with innovations and competitors. But with the advancement in the construction technology of MYK LATICRETE that we have embraced in the journey of 20 years, everything is convenient today.

While considering certain places, such as reception, Hotel-lobbies, building facades, swimming pools, kitchen, washrooms, dining area, bedrooms, etc. we must understand that tiles play a crucial role here. Not only these places must look appealing but must be layed on durable tiles to combat heavy footfalls.

Though you may start by picking up a unique type of Tiles for each area with suitable substrates, you would come to a point where you feel that now how to go about it! Do the different types of Tiles & Substrates mean different adhesive for each one? It would be time and cost consuming! Isn’t It?

With PUA 212 keep worries aside and fix your tiles by choosing the Smartest of all! PUA 212 is a two-component, modified Polyurethane Adhesive designed for the installation of ceramic, vitrified, metal, glass, agglomerates, glass mosaic tile, and natural stone on any substrate. It is highly elastic, thixotropic, and suitable to lay water-sensitive tiles & stones on highly expandable, deformable, absorbent and non-absorbent substrates.

The traditional cement-based mixture doesn’t offer superior resistance to heavy usage and doesn’t deal well with dust/dirt, chemicals, and water. While on the other hand, PUA 212 is a versatile product that helps fix any kind of tile on any substrate. It is highly flexible and can be used near structural movements.

This multi-purpose two-component, polyurethane thin-set adhesive helps in fixing tiles and stones on the interior and exterior floors and walls. It’s also suitable for various drywall substrates including metals. Whatever be your architect’s blueprint, this adhesive meets every imagination to transform into a beautiful real space of yours.

Take for instance a hotel lobby, we are aware of the continuous movements that happen over the floors of these lobbies, and we need something firm enough to deal with these footfalls, don’t we? For such areas, PUA 212 is the ideal adhesive. It is high in strength and resistant to moisture to provide longer-stability with substrates.

So, if you are looking for an adaptable solution or want something that lasts for years to come, you must opt for PUA 212. A tile-adhesive that fulfills all your application needs and requirements. It serves the purpose of playing equal parts in the functional and appearance aspect.

MYK LATICRETE thereby works to be the perfect solution for all your concerned areas that require modification and gentrification.

MYK LATICRETE aims to continue to bring you innovative and the best in class products for the design and construction industry.