Install tiles on different surfaces with our wide range of tile adhesives – MYK LATICRETE

To live in this modern world, we all need to abide by the current trends. Be it your appearance or the appearance of your home, keeping up with the latest trends is what matters the most. Let’s take for instance the gentrification of your home. You may have made up your mind about what changes you want to have for the new look of your home, but you may still need a few suggestions from an interior designer or someone well-versed with modern home ideas – the first idea they’d give you is to modernize the rooms of your home with tiles. Tiles play an important part in the beautification of one’s home interiors. From the bathroom, kitchen to the five walls of your home – the fifth wall includes the ceiling – tiling your rooms is the best option one could pick to renovate homes.

Firstly, decide which room you want to modify. Erase the age-old myth that tiles only complement areas like bathrooms and kitchens. One can modify any and every wall of their home with tiles. There are several tile options used to modify different rooms of your home. Adorn the rooms of your home with different tiles of your choice.

Tiles can be fixed to different types of substrates. For instance, it can be fixed on wood, aluminum, metal, drywall boards, concrete, tile on tile, and many other substrates. The next concern that will hit you is that would it be easy to fix tiles on these substrates? Here’s the good news, MYK LATICRETE has a solution to all your tiling needs. Our wide range of tile adhesives helps to install tiles on different types of substrates.

Let’s elaborate further on each type of surface. While fixing tiles on wood the challenges we face is that wooden floors naturally bend, bounce, and expand, and thus tiles end up cracking under pressure if installed incorrectly. Thus, one must pick the ideal tile adhesive that complements this type of surface.
In today’s day and age, we all consider drawing a partition either in our living room or in the kitchen to utilize space in a better way. Drywall boards help in creating this partition. You can modify the look of these drywall boards by fixing tiles on them. When in contact with water, drywall boards lose their strength which results in the debonding of tiles. But, with MYK LATICRETE tile adhesives, you can fix the tiles of your choice on these drywall boards and avoid debonding of tiles. While considering metal surfaces, there are problems related to slipping of tiles and debonding. For concrete surfaces, one must take care that there is no moisture coming from the slab. For tile over tile, one must assess the base layer to pinpoint any irregularities for no further problems.

All these challenges can be tackled well with the usage of the ideal tile adhesives. Here’s how you must go about with it – fix tiles on those concrete walls or existing tiles with LATICRETE 252. Fixing tiles on wooden surfaces is now possible with MYK LATICRETE DWA 215, a ready-to-use speciality adhesive or MYK LATICRETE PUA 212, a versatile speciality adhesive. MYK LATICRETE PUA 212 can also be used for fixing tiles on metal surfaces. A special adhesive that bonds well with drywall boards is MYK LATICRETE DWA 215. The list goes on and on.