Patterns on ceilings with LATAPOXY 310

Catch up with the latest trends of tile patterns on ceilings with LATAPOXY 310

Transform your Ceiling into a ‘Fifth Wall’

A beautiful lobby enthrals us because of the marvellous interiors. What often gets unnoticed about these interiors is the art on the ceilings. Have you ever observed the décor on the ceilings of a hotel or corporate lobbies, be it in the form of fancy tiles or attractive wallpapers, is gingerly chosen? If mediocre tiles are fixed on a ceiling next to a stunning chandelier, you will never consider the ceiling design to be of great taste. But, one must never underestimate the pattern on the ceiling to be average.

You may say – who keeps their head up high while entering into a hotel, corporate, or even a home, but we all glance through the ceilings without even knowing it. The chandelier on the ceiling of these places catches one’s attention and the attractive tile patterns around it complement it perfectly. It is thus incumbent to add an important design element around the ceiling to add value to the interior.

You are lured by the entrance of a beautiful villa when the chandelier on the ceiling is breathtaking. You need to choose a lovely tile pattern that goes well with the chandelier’s design. When you select the ideal ceiling tile for your space, you save on the trouble of replacing tiles when problems emerge. If ceiling tiles crack or if they need to be replaced often because of fixing problems, it only consumes your time and energy and leaves you disappointed.

When you choose the right ceiling tile type, the next step that follows is fixing it accurately. As the ceiling is a very delicate area and needs utmost attention, one must let this process go about in a gingerly manner. Let your imagination go beyond limits when it comes to thinking of ways to beautify your ceiling space.

There are different tile patterns that you can choose from to add value to your interiors. For instance, the herringbone pattern –creates a sense of space in a small room, adding elegant movements and flow. Another popular tile pattern is the brick bond – it’s a simple pattern style that’s perfect for creating a metropolitan aesthetic. Then there are hexagon tiles – a lively addition to creating a geometric aesthetic. You could also go for modular patterns that are ideal for creating unique and interesting designs on your ceilings. Once you have locked on your tile pattern, all you need to do is fix them well.

While fixing tiles on ceilings, one needs to be careful that there is no gap and that the tile is fixed firmly. The ceiling area is unlike the other walls of your home or hotel or villa, it takes a lot more holding strength than the other walls. Uneven and not levelled ceiling surfaces can create a gap between the back of the tile and the surface. One of the biggest advantages of the spot bonding adhesive is the technique to gap those distances, with almost no extra material.

Here’s where MYK LATICRETE’s LATAPOXY 310 – A Spot Bonding Tile Adhesive comes into play. The bonding strength of this product is unimaginable. This heavy weight champion is ideal for fixing marbles, stones slabs and heavy tiles on vertical surfaces by just putting few dabs. This adhesive covers only 10% of the total surface area yet holds heavy tiles or stones on ceilings & walls. This adhesive stands true to its strength with its non-sag property and can withstand shock and vibration. So, whatever be the height of your imagination, LATAPOXY 310 is the ideal adhesive to support it.