LATAPOXY Dazzle grout

Add a touch of dazzling grout from the house of MYK LATICRETE

Contemporary design is what attracts the audience today, don’t you agree? We live in a modern era where we want everything around us to look top-notch and make us feel amazing. One’s mind is filled with a swarm of ideas when one considers gentrifying their home. But, have you ever considered adding dazzle to enhance the aesthetics of your home? Obviously, sparkling your entire home is not what’s recommended. Nonetheless, a few areas in your home look best when filled with a splash of dazzle. Let’s take, for instance, the bathroom, a specific area of your living room, bedroom, or if you own a villa even your swimming pool.

A patch in your living room that is covered with tiles can complement this dazzling idea brilliantly. You may wonder how can adding sparkles to your tiles look good. So, here’s the idea. There’s a special element that one can add to tile installations to kill the arid look by adding some sparkles in the form of dazzling grouts. From your living room area to any area that consists of tiles, you could add a touch of sparkling grout from the house of MYK LATICRETE to beautify that particular area.

If you are an interior designer and are out of ideas to suggest something new to a client, this is an interesting idea that would cheer up your client and also add value to your business. MYK LATICRETE offers various colour options in sparkling grouts to best suit your design element. So, all you need to do is pick and choose your grout accordingly.

Let’s elaborate what LATAPOXY Dazzle grout is capable of doing. It is an epoxy grout specifically designed to enhance aesthetics and performance. It is suitable for use with ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, glass mosaic tiles, designer tiles and natural stone. This grout is 100% stain-free; it is strong and durable. Not to mention, it is available in 10 colours and 3 finishes – gold, copper and silver. You can use it on any of these areas: restaurants, hotels, kitchens, bathrooms, lobbies, swimming pools, showrooms, etc.

So, when are you going to gentrify your rooms? For more details connect with us soon.