It is a Single Component, specially designed with Polymers & Additives to minimize shrinkage and reduce water permeability of cement concrete, plaster and mortar.

Features & Benefits

  • Chloride content: As per IS:2645-2003
  • Reduces the water Permeability into cement concrete as per IS:2645-2003
  • Setting Time: No Significant change
  • Makes concrete more cohesive hence protects the steel better against corrosion.
  • Workability: Improves workability
  • Compressive strength: Meets the requirements
  • Durability: Increases
  • Shrinkage: Reduced crack development

Product Details

How to apply

Mortar: It is recommended for all types of sand & Cement [As per IS 2645-2003] where there is the requirement of reduced the permeability. Concrete: It is recommended for all general mass concrete work, where, due to hard aggregates, difficulty in mixing and compaction, risk of high porosity and hence permeability is experienced. N.B: The dosage of Superset Integral waterproof liquid of 200ml per 50kg of cement.

  •  Prepare the cement mortar, plaster or concrete mix as per the mix design.
  • Add SUPERSET IWP into water as per requirements and stir well up to 3min. Wait for 5-10min and then use.
  • The mixed solution shall be added into the concrete or mortar and mixed thoroughly.
  • Mixing shall be continued until desired consistency is achieved. Dosing of mixed solution can be adjusted based on the mix ingredients, ambient temperature, humidity conditions of job site.