SP-100™ DUO Tile Joint is a Stain Resistant, Water Resistant & Germ Resistant grout for Floor & Wall. SP-100 DUO Tile-Joint is suitable for ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, marble and stone, especially in stain prone areas such as kitchens and washrooms.

Data Sheets MYK LATICRETE SP-100™ DUO  Tile Joint

Material Safety Data Sheets MYK LATICRETE SP-100™ DUO Part A

Material Safety Data Sheets MYK LATICRETE SP-100™ DUO Part B



Features & Benefits

  • Stain Resistant
  • Germ Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Very Easy & Fast Application

Product Details

SP-100 DUO is a factory proportioned kit with Hardener (Part A) and Resin (Part B) Colour: Available in 10 colours Compliance: Meets the following standards

  • ANSI: A 118.3
  • EN 13888: RG2

How to apply

Surface Preparation: Before starting to grout, remove debris in grout joints and lightly sponge the tile surface to remove dust and dirt. Do not clean tiles with acid cleaners. In case acid cleaners were used to clean the tiles, ensure to wash the area with plenty of water before commencing grouting. Substrate temperature must between 60°F (16°C) and 90°F (32°C). Mixing Empty entire contents of SP-100 DUO, Stain free Grout Part “A” and Part “B” container into a clean mixing pail. Mix with a margin trowel or a slow speed drill mixer until they are completely blended. Immediately pour entire mixed contents from the pail onto working area.  Use a plastic sheet as a drop cloth. Use standard epoxy grouting techniques to work with SP-100 DUO Grout into tile joints. SP-100 DUO Grout can also be applied with a caulking gun. Be sure all grout joints are packed full. Remove as much excess   material as possible before initial cleaning with grout float. Do not leave excess grout on the face of tiles. Cleaning Remove excess grout from the face of the tiles with the edge of the grout float. Hold the float at a 90° angle and pull it diagonally across the joints and tile to avoid pulling out the material. Initial Cleaning: After 30-45 min of the application of the grout, rub the surface of the tile & joint with clean water and sponge provided in the kit, to remove any excess grout. Then take a clean thick white towel and drag across the tile to remove any residue. Final Cleaning: within 24 hours do a second cleaning with normal soap detergent to remove any haze from the tile