LATICRETE® 600 SERIES UNSANDED GROUT a carefully prepared blend of Portland cement, graded aggregates, fortifiers and colour-fast pigments, it is designed for joint width 1mm to 3mm, for porous & absorbent type tiles, non-vitreous clay tiles, and marble & glazed wall tiles. Suitable for internal and external applications

Data Sheets LATICRETE® 600

Material Safety Data LATICRETE® 600



Features & Benefits

  • For tile joints 1 – 3mm
  • Uniform color
  • Hard and durable
  • Economical

Product Details

Packaging 500 g, 1 kg & 10 kg Coverage   Color Available in a range of more than 36 colours Certification
  • ANSI: A 118.6
  • EN 13888: CG1

How to apply

How to Apply:
  • When the tiles/ stones have set firm, spacers and bottom support can be removed.
  • Cement based colour Grout Use LATICRETE® 600 series / Aquashield Grout (available in a range of colours) when grout joints are less than 3 mm wide and LATICRETE® 500 series Sanded Grout Filler (available in a range of colours) for joints 3mm – 12mm.
  • The Cement based colour joints are strong and are resistant to weather, cracking and discolouration
Mixing Ratio: LATICRETE® 600 series Unsanded Grout/ Aquashield : LATICRETE® 1776 10kg bag : 3.75 ltr LATICRETE® 500 Series Sanded Grout : LATICRETE® 1776 10 kg bag : 1.75 ltr Mix the grout filler with LATICRETE® 1776 Latex Admix, mix only enough that can be used in 30 min or less. Clean up immediately before beginning next mix. When applying, the grout joints should be free of dirt, debris or tile spacers. Sponge or wipe dust/dirt of tile faces and remove water standing in joints. Pack joints full and free of voids with rubber grouting float. Remove excess grout from tile faces using edge of rubber float and diagonal strokes (at 45° angle to direction of joints). When the joints have set, use a moist sponge to remove excess grout from the tile and joint. Use minimal water for clean up. Final clean up to remove any grout haze should be carried out within the next 12 – 24 hours. Areas of Application Residential, commercial, external facades   Suitable Substrates
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