Frequently Asked Questions

LATASCREED 100 is a factory made underlay cement which is engineered to produce high strength screed / mortar with water and aggregates at site for use in internal and external floors. It is designed to produce and lay bonded, un-bonded or floating screeds.

You can use LATASCREED 100 for internal and external areas like residential floors, commercial floors and industrial floors, parking lots etc.

For 25 Kg bag of LATASCREED 100, one needs 8 to 12 Liters of water. Mix water depending upon the consistency of mix required and ambient environmental conditions.

Yes. One can lay this screed made with LATASCREED 100 before installation of tiles, stones, carpets, vinyl flooring or wooden flooring.

Tiles can be laid in the traditional methodology (Wet on Wet system) using LATICRETE® SBA 20, Slurry bond Adhesive.One can also wait for 3 days after laying the screed to install tiles using a thin set adhesive. Both the methods offer great advantage over normal OPC which results in very well bonded tiles without hollow sounds and chipping or popping of tiles.

The OPC cement based screeds would require water curing for a minimum period of 11 days for gaining complete strength.The screeds made with LATASCREED 100 don’t require water curing and have better workability, compaction and finish.This is part of MBS system due to this distinct advantage. It is a great advantage when high absorbent natural stones are being installed on floors, there is absolutely no moisture present when the underlay is made with LATASCREED 100.

MBS system is Moisture Barrier System which is the proprietary system from MYK LATICRETE India. This is especially for Natural stones which develop stains due to their porosity and absorption of liquids. LATASCREED 100 screed does not require water curing which makes the screed dry without moisture and hence natural stones are not stained due to screed moisture.

Yes. One can use crushed sand, stone dust or artificial sand for making screeds with LATASCREED 100.

One can make a bonded screed / un-bonded screed up to 70mm with LATASCREED 100 without any issues.

When one wants high strength screeds, the proportion would be 1:3 (LATASCREED 100: aggregates). One can go up to 1:8 proportion for low strength screeds. It is important to check the strength of screed with a control sample made with LATASCREED 100 and the local aggregates before commencing the work on large areas.