IKEA - Tile Adhesives

Multiplying the impact of innovation at IKEA

Ikea, a symbol for innovative value-driven furniture set foot in India with its first store in Hyderabad. This presented an opportunity to innovate together and offer an elevated tile solution between two forward-thinking brands. We knocked on the doors of Ikea with a mission that was pretty straightforward: to bring to light the technical and aesthetic advantages that our tile solutions offered over the traditional methods that the Swedish brand used for years and had come to trust. So we ran their team through the technical details and the superiority of our products in comparison to the traditional ones. Seeing as Ikea’s new store expected heavy traffic, it required solutions that were hardy. MYK LATICRETE took the challenge head-on and did a pilot on the following products, demonstrating how they could be applied:

  • A premium floor and wall high-performance dry set adhesive, LATICRETE® 290, designed for ceramic tile installations. It is designed to cater to some of the more challenging areas including kitchens and washrooms where the possibilities of tile deformingand de-bonding are high. Our product beat a competitor’s product, especially when it came to robustness in high traffic spaces.
  • The SP-100 tile joint, a specifically formulated epoxy grout, came out on top owing to its water-resistance, anti-fungal properties, and easy application.
  • The DWA 215, a modified Polyurethane Adhesive that can help install tiles on backer boards in mock up/display areas also stood out because of its high strength adhesion and durability.
  • LATICRETE® 600, an unsanded cementitious grout and the Latex Grout Admix 1776 were other products that were part of the project. Their comprehensive strength shone through and they passed the test with flying colors.

Post the pilot work, MYK LATICRETE’s product credentials helped push through the envelope to emerge victorious against competitor products for Ikea’s tile installations.Our products are well suited to critical application areas, stand-up to the need for color fastness, have a high bond strength, and are extremely easy to use. It thereby made perfect sense topair them with the myriad installations across the store.Consequently, Ikea joined forces with MYK LATICRETE, using our products across a whopping 60,000 square feet of surface at its new store. The Ikea store is now open and has witnessed massive success, drawing huge footfalls. This serves as proof of MYK LATICRETE’s innovative excellence which has made its products a perfect match for projects that are built on modernity and functionality.