Fool-proof and Future-ready – TCS Global Development Centre

When the Tata Consultancy Services Global Development Centre in Hyderabad was unveiled in 2017, it made quite a statement, and rightly so. Given that TCS is a renowned global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization and among the largest IT establishments, it was meant to stand out in the dense urban fabric of Hyderabad. The massive 3,50,000 sq.ft space is characterized by the red agra natural stone. While the project came through with ease, it wasn’t all smooth sailing from the beginning. The idea was ambitious – natural stone on the external façade of such a huge building.

Heavy as they come, debonding of these natural stones was of primary concern for the TCS team and the Indian and international architects involved. The stone also had to be able to endure varying weather conditions, thermal stress, shock, and impact. Nevertheless, the search for the right materials ensued and several considerations later, the company zeroed in on MYK LATICRETE. Having overcome several obstacles such as these with respect to projects of similar stature, MYK LATICRETE was well prepped to take on the challenging job and ward off all the doubts that came with the complex installation. MYK LATICRETE, with its attention to detail and superior technical capabilities, was able to devise an installation system that was specific to the project at hand. It went on to train the local team of workers to ensure the task was carried out to perfection, with high global standards. The demands of the project were as follows:

  • Installation of 280 mm x 140 mm sized, 30mm thick red agra stone on an external area of 1,40,000 sq. ft: This was accomplished by the Laticrete Latex Fortified Adhesive, a combination of the LATICRETE 111 Crete filler powder and Laticrete 73 admix. A thin set adhesive, it is the ultimate tile adhesive with regards to strength and flexibility for challenging exteriors, even surpassing the ANSI A118.4 shear bond strength requirements. It is very hardy as it stands up strong to water and shock very well.
  • Reducing porosity of the red agra stone and accommodating expansion and contraction while ensuring seamlessness in color with the grout: This was achieved by the LATICRETE Latex Fortified Grout. The solution constituted the LATICRETE 500 series sanded grout in a color matching the red agra stone, along with the LATICRETE 282 Grout Admix, now popularly known as LATICRETE 1776 Grout Admix Plus. It was sandwiched in between the stones, sealing them with a dense, hard and durable joint that can keep out the water to a significant degree while retaining the integrity of its color. It is also non-shrinking, -cracking, weather resistant and allows for easy application. The solution is an economical way to ensure a permanent, problem free installation. It also enables the immaculate maintenance of the grand look of the red agra stones given that it is easy to clean.

The project adds another feather in MYK LATICRETE’s cap of successful installations and reinforces its position as the world leader in tile and stone installation solutions.