Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport T2

An Amalgamation of Excellence and Innovation – Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport T2

The Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai is among the busiest airports in India, built for the future. The airport witnessed the integration of an avant-garde terminal T2 spread across 1400 acres to accommodate over 40 million passengers that were expected to tread on its floors annually. The four storey mega-structure was to be brought to life via a world-class design, operational efficiency, and infrastructure. So, it was paramount that everything that went into building the terminal was top notch, ranking high in resilience and functionality.

MYK LATICRETE, which has a ton of ambitious projects under its belt, was chosen for the installation of tiles and stones for the project. The team went above and beyond to meet the functional requirements of the terminal, creating an entirely new standard specification. Anticipating future challenges, the standard was developed to provide superior performance in terms of installation of moisture sensitive soft granite stone in high usage, high foot traffic areas across approximately 13 lakh sq. ft. The team worked with GVK led consortium and proposed an installation system that constituted the following:

  •  LATICRETE® 335 – A one-step, polymer fortified thinset mortar was used for installation of Flamed Royal Brown Granite in external flooring areas. With maximized strength, the flexibility to cope with structural movements and the ability to handle the copious amounts of rain and sun that Mumbai receives, the product met its requirements spot on.
  • LATICRETE® 252 – An Ag Silver, polymer modified thinset adhesive was selected to install vitrified tiles on bathroom walls. Its shear bond strength exceeds general requirements and the adhesive is water and shock resistant translating into a guarantee of long-lasting tiled walls.
  • LATAPOXY® 310 – A two-component stone epoxy adhesive that came with features of fast permanent bond and safety, and non-sag and non-staining properties was used to fix Sadar Ali Grey Granite and Kashmiri White Granite on the ceiling and vertical surfaces of the escalator area using the spot bonding technique.
  • LATICRETE® 9235 – A thin, load bearing waterproofing membrane that can handle extra heavy duty areas with ease, was used to provide a seamless waterproofing sheath under stone and tile installations in washroom areas and inhibit the growth of mold and mildew.
  • LATICRETE® 600 Series – Unsanded Grout was used to fill tile joints, mixed with the LATICRETE® 1776 Grout Admix Plus for the ultimate easy maintenance, hard wearing, non-cracking and -shrinking grouting in internal flooring areas.
  • MaxiSeal Plus – A natural stone nano technology based impregnating sealer lent its protection properties to the highly porous Santa Cecilia granite covering an area of 8 lakh sq. ft area. Not only did it keep the aesthetic of the stone intact, it also protected it from oil, water, alkalis and acid staining damages while making it less slippery.

Inventing high-performance, innovative solutions that can improve construction has been a major source of motivation at MYK LATICRETE and enabled it to offer an unparalleled range of products and market expertise.