A Stellar Performance by a Stellar Product

The exterior of a building defines its beauty and makesa first impression on the visitors. Selecting the correct tile and stone products for the walls & flooring outside the building makes a huge difference to thefinish,look& life of the façade.

When tiling or cladding an exterior floors or wallsyou should ensure the substrate you’re attaching the tiles is suitable and will bear the load of the tiles you’re fixing. Most exterior tiles are quite large, and will therefore require less grout as fewer tiles will be required to cover an area, resulting in fewer joints.So, the tile-joint has to be strong.

Why is grout important? When grout (tile joint) does its job, nobody needs to pay it much attention. It’s only when it fails, that people take notice.So what does it do? Grout fills the voids; it makes the flooring, or wall, stronger by bonding the tiles together and preventing the edges of a tile from chipping and cracking. It also provides flexibility and movement space, thus allowing space for expansion and contraction of tiles arising due to external environment conditions.

STELLAR Grout (tile joint) is India’s first ready to use tile-joint and is best suited for internal and external tile joints grouting of residential /commercial installations where materials must resist physical abuse, shock and/or chemical attack. MYK LATICRETE STELLAR GROUT is a single component, high performance, modified joint filling grout, which offers excellent colour uniformity, durability, stain protection, and beautiful tile joints.

A single component grout, designed for exterior use, it has a non-sag formula for floors and walls, is suitable for joints of 1.5 mm to 12 mm and comes in a range of 10 colours. The aggregate is colour coated, which means that the colour of the pigments cannot be washed away.
It can be used on substrates such as engineered marble, vitrified tiles / porcelain tiles,ceramic tiles, granite, marble, metal tiles*, limestone, sandstone, and glass mosaic tiles. It is an excellent tile joint for external water body structures like swimming pools and water fountains.

With its UV resistant feature, Stellar will not yellow, darken or fade. Stellar also possess an unmatched high flexibility making this as a champion tile-joint for exterior applications where thermal movements and other environmental factors are detrimental to the stability of the tile/stone installations. Stellar also does not contain cement-based components that contribute to efflorescence.

Stellar also allows the left over grout to be retained in the original container for use later, whichmeans less wastage for the next job, thus saving onexpenditure.

MYK LATICRETE STELLAR protects your peace of mind by protecting your tiles. The grouts available today are polymer based and ensure colour quality and increased flexibility, but even among the grouts today, it is important to know which one is the best to use.

MYK LATICRETE makes it easy for you to choose by offering you innovation in tile joints.

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