Our promise to provide healthy environment to our employees – MYK LATICRETE

In today’s day and time, health matters most. Don’t you agree? If we are in good health everything eventually falls in place but even a minor cold or flu can make us feel restless and wreck our daily routine. One must always take care of their and everyone’s health around them. Health is above all, and this World Health Day let’s make sure that our health is always in check and let’s continue to spread awareness about the importance of well-being all around us. Looking at the current scenario many organizations have gone out of their way to keep their employee’s health under control. When an organization cares for its people, the people go beyond their way to work for them. Also, this creates a powerful bond between the two.

MYK LATICRETE is one such organization that thinks of the safety of its people first. We believe that when one is surrounded by a safe environment one need not worry about health issues, and here we go exactly by the rules.

MYK LATICRETE is ISO 45001 certified. ISO 45001 is a new international standard that supports an organization to manage risks and opportunities to help prevent work-related injury and ill health to workers. ISO 45001 improves the workplace and thus increases employee satisfaction.
In this competitive world, organizations should proactively manage multiple risks to the business, especially occupational health and safety. We follow all the measures to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees. In the end, what matters is the comfort of your employees. We have embraced a culture that keeps employee health always under control.

From eco-friendly products to a secure environment, we keep everything in check not only for the employees but also for those who work with these products day in and out. Considering the current pandemic, we have taken appropriate precautions, such as providing masks and sanitizers to daily workers, employees, masons and dealers. Apart from this, there’s a special hygiene space for employees in the pantry area separated by glass partitions. We also follow strict protocols, such as well-ventilated storage areas that are constantly monitored. Even during the hard days of lockdown, We made it a point to provide necessities to the people around us. We also launched MYK LATICRETE Hand Sanitizer for the well-being of the people.

To sum it, we all must take proper care of not just ourselves but also the surrounding people. We as an organization urge everyone to keep health as their top priority not just on this World Health Day but every day.

The Changing Face of Leadership – Murali Yadama (Managing Director of MYK LATICRETE)

Leadership is a widely talked about topic and with good reason. The more responsibility one is given as a leader, the more necessary it becomes to work with integrity and compassion.People have asked me how I would define my leadership style and my response has been to tell them about the six values I adopted which drive my work ethic even today.

The first and foremost is this: one must be able accept change. No single approach can be adopted as change is constant, and so must solutions be.Focus on changes that consistently gain positive results; acknowledging this inter-dependency allows you to embrace its possibilities.

The second is to role model the desired change. As a leader one is under scrutiny almost all the time, and so to be able to lead the desired change by example. Understand that all companies have both a corporate and a social purpose.

The third is to build a strong team and make leadership – including self – accountable. Accountability of ones actions should remain in the forefront of a leader’s activities. With globalization, technological advances and the continuing proliferation of networks, no single business operates in isolation anymore.

The fourth is communicating effectively about the change. Clear communication is effective and unambiguous, helping people work with a greater drive and efficiency. This allows their teams to watch and learn from leadership in action.

The fifth is getting personally involved and relentlessly pursuing impact and change. This discipline to follow through on our commitments has resulted in a business that grew from less than 5 to a 500 plus strong team of excellent people.

The sixth is setting measurable goals and focusing on these goals to drive expected changes.Develop and pursue a strategic direction by broadening initiatives for both medium and long term objectives to meet the goals of the enterprise.

At the end of the day, to be a leader of note, create and sustain an enterprise that produces value for all the stakeholders in an equitable way. Remember, anything you do, with persistence and speed, build the right team, inculcate and pass on the right values while building a strong culture.

Cultivate friendships and be sure to experience life, because this isn’t a dress rehearsal – it’s happening right now.