Fix large format/slim tiles with the ideal adhesive – MYK LATICRETE 335 MAXI

Beauty in any form arrests one’s gaze. We live in a world covered with beautiful things. From architectures, hotels, studios, malls to homes, lobbies and others, everything around is designed to enthrall us. Every structure flashes out one particular aspect that makes it stand out. Let’s focus on a hotel lobby. Have you ever wondered where does a hotel lobby get its charm from? Apart from the fancy couch, what makes a hotel lobby stand out? Keep reading to find out.

The interior design of a particular place matters most. Unlike homes, hotel lobbies consider a different style of interior designing. Fixing of large format/slim tiles is in vogue today. Don’t you agree? Walk by any hotel lobby and you’ll notice most of them have large tiles fixed on their walls, which leaves you in awe. Large tiles not only enhance the look of the interior but also make the lobby look spacious and classy. The market offers various types of tiles to complement any type of structure. Fancy tiles are used to design both interiors and exteriors of a particular structure.

It may all sound easy-peasy. But, as easy as it may seem to choose a tile pattern, is it the same for fixing it? Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of fixing large format/slim tiles on any surface. Fixing large format/slim tiles is a challenge; there are instances of it chipping off, cracking, etc. if not fixed well. What if you were told fixing large format/slim tiles is now easier than ever? Stunned? Don’t be. MYK LATICRETE understands your every need, and thus presents to you an adhesive that’s the ideal one for installation of large format/slim tiles on any substrate. With maximum strength, this adhesive helps hold large format/slim tiles on any type of surface.

From hotel lobbies, building facades to any other structure that requires fixing large tiles or slim tiles, this is your go-to adhesive – MYK LATICRETE 335 MAXI. This is a flexible, shock-resistant, specially formulated tile adhesive that’s capable of providing reliable bonding. It is an ideal adhesive for large format/slim tiles for interiors and exteriors. It also withstands extreme weather conditions.

Fret no more about fixing large format/slim tiles, with MYK LATICRETE 335 MAXI large format tiles and slim laminated tiles will stay the way you want.

Adorn the façade of your home exterior with Tiles & Stone cladding

Making a great first impression of ourselves is what we always focus on, but what about the first impression of the home? The façade of a home plays a key role in leaving that first impression.
It expresses the personality of its occupants and the space it holds inside. To think of it, exteriors are a great place to design and experiment with new ideas. You could use colors, fancy patterns of tiles, stones & marbles, and several other finishes.

Out of the many materials that are trending today, tile cladding is considered to top the list. There are several types of tiles you could choose from. Porcelain tiles are considered to be the ideal choice for designing facades of homes and other constructions as well. They are available in various colors, textures, and designs. Porcelain tiles are made from a blend of fine-grained clay and other materials.

The other trending design one could go with to adorn the façade of your home exterior is stone cladding. Natural stones are most preferred. For instance, sandstone, travertine, and limestone any of this could be a great pick. It additionally increases the mechanical strength of the building or the home exterior.

Now, there are challenges associated with façade tiling and there are ways to fight these challenges as well. Challenges mostly occur in the form of weather conditions, the presence of UV rays and pollutants. To further elaborate, there are common issues you can face during tiling on facades. And also these external conditions can affect the look of the façade over the years. The high-temperature can lead to loosening of tiles from the substrate and can spoil the look of the whole structure.

During monsoons, water can enter the tile joints through capillaries or micro-cracks in the joints, causing the tiles to de-bond. In comparison to interior tiling, exterior tiling is exposed to aggressive conditions.
Voids behind the tiles provide a place for water to gather if tiles have not been pressed enough to the tile adhesive. With temperature variations, different materials expand and contract at different rates. This results in stresses between the tile and the substrate, which could cause de-bonding and result in delamination.

Thus, firstly choosing the ideal materials matter most and secondly fixing these materials onto the façade of the home exterior or any construction is key too. MYK LATICRETE introduces you to flexible, thermal resistant, shock & impact resistant tile adhesives. These adhesives are suitable to fight all the above conditions.

If you have decided to go with marbles or stone slabs to adorn your house exterior, go for LATAPOXY® 310 – a Spot Bonding Adhesive. It’s a high strength epoxy chemical anchor ideally suited for spot-fixing or attaching marble or stone slabs on external facades.
Of you have decided to go with tiles, go for LATICRETE ® 335 Super Flex. It’s a multipurpose floor and wall tile adhesive that has a convenient open time with high adhesion and workability.

Now, it’s time to choose a grout that is not only stain-free but also endures various climatic conditions. MYK LATICRETE STELLAR, a high-performance ready-to-use grout is a perfect choice for such applications offering excellent colour uniformity and durability. It is not only stain-resistant but can also withstand the harmful UV rays making it an ideal grout for external facades.

Go wild on your imagination and adorn the façade of your home exterior. MYK LATICRETE Tile Adhesives & grouts can help you bring a unique and dramatic finish to your projects. Knock out typically looking exterior plain walls, and transform it into an opportunity to explore new ideas.
With MYK LATICRETE Tile Adhesives & grouts you get to enjoy the ease of maintenance as well as the design versatility. So, let your brilliance shine through the most important aspect of the building- Façade.

Add a touch of dazzling grout from the house of MYK LATICRETE

Contemporary design is what attracts the audience today, don’t you agree? We live in a modern era where we want everything around us to look top-notch and make us feel amazing. One’s mind is filled with a swarm of ideas when one considers gentrifying their home. But, have you ever considered adding dazzle to enhance the aesthetics of your home? Obviously, sparkling your entire home is not what’s recommended. Nonetheless, a few areas in your home look best when filled with a splash of dazzle. Let’s take, for instance, the bathroom, a specific area of your living room, bedroom, or if you own a villa even your swimming pool.

A patch in your living room that is covered with tiles can complement this dazzling idea brilliantly. You may wonder how can adding sparkles to your tiles look good. So, here’s the idea. There’s a special element that one can add to tile installations to kill the arid look by adding some sparkles in the form of dazzling grouts. From your living room area to any area that consists of tiles, you could add a touch of sparkling grout from the house of MYK LATICRETE to beautify that particular area.

If you are an interior designer and are out of ideas to suggest something new to a client, this is an interesting idea that would cheer up your client and also add value to your business. MYK LATICRETE offers various colour options in sparkling grouts to best suit your design element. So, all you need to do is pick and choose your grout accordingly.

Let’s elaborate what LATAPOXY Dazzle grout is capable of doing. It is an epoxy grout specifically designed to enhance aesthetics and performance. It is suitable for use with ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, glass mosaic tiles, designer tiles and natural stone. This grout is 100% stain-free; it is strong and durable. Not to mention, it is available in 10 colours and 3 finishes – gold, copper and silver. You can use it on any of these areas: restaurants, hotels, kitchens, bathrooms, lobbies, swimming pools, showrooms, etc.

So, when are you going to gentrify your rooms? For more details connect with us soon.

Renovate your home interiors this festive season by fixing tile on tile with MYK LATICRETE.

What’s on your mind for this Festive season? Is it buying new clothes, renovating your home or something else? Whatever be it, topping the list of preparations is one common thought, i.e. adorning our home to be festive-ready. There are various aspects one contemplates while considering decorating one’s home. For some, it could mean buying new furniture, for some setting a new dining table, for some painting the house, for some fixing tile on tile, and so on.

In this article, let’s elaborate on the idea of fixing tile on tile. Tiling impacts the overall look of interiors. From the living room to the balcony area, the floors are, in most instances, tiled. Tiling enhances the look of a room and is most preferred when one considers renovating their home. There are a plethora of trendy tiles in the market today for one to choose from.

Tile on tile is the ideal option you could opt for to renovate your home. You save on resources, time, cost; there’s no mess and you reap the best. Having said that, there are a few precautions one must consider while choosing tile on tile option. Check for hollow sounds or cracks on the tiles and consider removing those tiles and then fix new tiles. The other parts of your interior can directly be fixed with tile adhesives specially made to fix tiles on tile. Keep in mind while fixing tile on tile, the floor raises from 1 to 3 centimeters. So, see to it that areas such as door frames, furniture’s and bathroom storage units are fitted accordingly.

LATICRETE 325 High Flex by MYK LATICRETE is the perfect adhesive for fixing tile over the existing tiles. This high flex adhesive is used to install various types of medium & large format tiles & stone on a variety of substrates using the thin-set method of installation. It is specially designed for floors and wall installation of all types of tiles, such as ceramic, vitreous, semi-vitreous, glass mosaic, precast terrazzo and natural stones over existing tiles, concrete and a variety of substrates.

So, are you game to get your home festive-ready? From fixing tile on tile to any other tiling requirement, MYK LATICRETE has the ideal solution for your tiling requirements. The wide range of adhesives from the house of MYK LATICRETE are specially designed for all your tiling needs. To know more, connect with us today.


Advant Navis Business Park is a corporate landmark strategically located near Noida Expressway. Build on the philosophy of “Green Building” Advant Navis Business Park is accredited with LEED GOLD CERTIFICATION. The business park is loaded with all modern amenities like Club, Multi-Cuisine Restaurants, Recreational zone, Heath club with Gym etc.

Mr. Sunil Pipliwaal (AVP Projects) of Advant Navis was very meticulous to use quality products which comply to Green Building Certification. Thus MYK LATICRETE became the obvious choice for tile & stone installation products. MYK LATICRETE products – Adhesives, Grouts, Stone care, Waterproofing, Wall Putty used on the interior of the building (defined as inside of the weather proofing system & applied on site) comply with the requirements of reference standard.

MYK LATICRETE has taken hold onto the GREEN revolution with its innovative range of tile adhesives that are eco-friendly. MYK LATICRETE tile adhesives are better for environment due to 0% toxicity content level and no VOC emissions.

The project posed a challenge in terms of installing Porcelain glass tile of size 600mm x 1000mm, on cement backer board fixed on the external wall of the building to a height of 30 feet covering an area of 30000 sq. ft.

MYK LATICRETE PUA 212TM – THE VERSATILE ADHESIVE was recommended to fix tiles on the cement backer board. MYK LATICRETE PUA 212TM is a two component modified Polyurethane Adhesive designed for installation of any type of tiles or stones on various substrates including cement backer boards, plywood, metal etc.

MYK LATICRETE PUA 212TM was also used for fixing Travertine stone of size 600mmx1000mm on cement backer board in the lift lobby areas and internal walls spanning an area of 20000 sq. ft.

LATICRETE® 335 Super Flex (Formerly LATICRETE® 335) Multipurpose Floor And Wall Tile Adhesive was used for fixing Travertine stone on column areas of the building. This multipurpose polymer fortified thinset adhesive is single component with high adhesion suited for demanding applications. Superior strength, flexibility to handle structural movements, non-sag property are among the features of LATICRETE® 335 Super Flex (Formerly LATICRETE® 335) Multipurpose Floor And Wall Tile Adhesive.

As part of green movement MYK LATICRETE has been advocating and promoting their product range to ensure BREATH EASY for all end users of their products. Undoubtedly Advant Navis Business Park is a standing example of this.

Install tiles on different surfaces with our wide range of tile adhesives – MYK LATICRETE

To live in this modern world, we all need to abide by the current trends. Be it your appearance or the appearance of your home, keeping up with the latest trends is what matters the most. Let’s take for instance the gentrification of your home. You may have made up your mind about what changes you want to have for the new look of your home, but you may still need a few suggestions from an interior designer or someone well-versed with modern home ideas – the first idea they’d give you is to modernize the rooms of your home with tiles. Tiles play an important part in the beautification of one’s home interiors. From the bathroom, kitchen to the five walls of your home – the fifth wall includes the ceiling – tiling your rooms is the best option one could pick to renovate homes.

Firstly, decide which room you want to modify. Erase the age-old myth that tiles only complement areas like bathrooms and kitchens. One can modify any and every wall of their home with tiles. There are several tile options used to modify different rooms of your home. Adorn the rooms of your home with different tiles of your choice.

Tiles can be fixed to different types of substrates. For instance, it can be fixed on wood, aluminum, metal, drywall boards, concrete, tile on tile, and many other substrates. The next concern that will hit you is that would it be easy to fix tiles on these substrates? Here’s the good news, MYK LATICRETE has a solution to all your tiling needs. Our wide range of tile adhesives helps to install tiles on different types of substrates.

Let’s elaborate further on each type of surface. While fixing tiles on wood the challenges we face is that wooden floors naturally bend, bounce, and expand, and thus tiles end up cracking under pressure if installed incorrectly. Thus, one must pick the ideal tile adhesive that complements this type of surface.
In today’s day and age, we all consider drawing a partition either in our living room or in the kitchen to utilize space in a better way. Drywall boards help in creating this partition. You can modify the look of these drywall boards by fixing tiles on them. When in contact with water, drywall boards lose their strength which results in the debonding of tiles. But, with MYK LATICRETE tile adhesives, you can fix the tiles of your choice on these drywall boards and avoid debonding of tiles. While considering metal surfaces, there are problems related to slipping of tiles and debonding. For concrete surfaces, one must take care that there is no moisture coming from the slab. For tile over tile, one must assess the base layer to pinpoint any irregularities for no further problems.

All these challenges can be tackled well with the usage of the ideal tile adhesives. Here’s how you must go about with it – fix tiles on those concrete walls or existing tiles with LATICRETE 252. Fixing tiles on wooden surfaces is now possible with MYK LATICRETE DWA 215, a ready-to-use speciality adhesive or MYK LATICRETE PUA 212, a versatile speciality adhesive. MYK LATICRETE PUA 212 can also be used for fixing tiles on metal surfaces. A special adhesive that bonds well with drywall boards is MYK LATICRETE DWA 215. The list goes on and on.

The ideal adhesive for commercial space – DWA 215

One comes across a mall at every nook and corner of the city. But, have you ever thought of the maintenance of the stores within it? If you’re reading this blog, you either own a store at the mall or you are sooner or later planning to. Let’s make life a little simpler for you. Owning a store at the mall is no easy task, a lot of responsibilities flow with it. While you consider setting up your store, there are many aspects one needs to look into. The look and feel of the place most importantly. You may have thought of the external décor and certainly with it comes the minute aspects you must look into as well.

For a store at the mall, you need to create partitions that are the easiest substitute for traditional walls. They allow less structural cost and also do not subdue a lot of weight on the structure. This simplifies your burden to a great extent. Now, what’s important here is that one needs to fix tiles on these drywall boards accurately. There’s no scope of doing a raw work here; the finish needs to be perfect so that it benefits you in the long run.
Every store has a unique look and you may want to use different types of tiles on drywall boards to make it look appealing. All you need to do is fix it well after you have chosen the tile of your choice. MYK LATICRETE is the name of the game for you. MYK LATICRETE Specialty adhesives help renovate the space with different tiles by allowing to fix tiles on drywall boards with ease and versatility.

From the range of Specialty Adhesives, LATICRETE DWA 215, a ready-to-use adhesive is an ideal choice that helps in fixing all types of tiles on drywall boards.

But the challenge doesn’t end here. In the mall, you are outset to meet customers. The increase in footfalls can lead to vibrations, leading to the gradual formation of cracks in Dry Wall Boards.

Also, damp patches on the Dry Wall Board can be formed due to moisture presence, and it can permeate through the Tiles spoiling the look of whole partition wall. But we are here to enlighten you with the best solution.
Yes, you avoid these challenges for years to come if your adhesive is not faulty. MYK LATICRETE has designed Specialty Adhesives that not only hold tiles firmly but also protect your Dry Wall Board from such external factors.

With MYK LATICRETE the partitions of Dry Wall Boards will be extremely durable, versatile & eco-friendly, all at the same time.

Installing Very Large Format Tiles with MYK LATICRETE 335 Maxi

Go Big or Go Home – Why Very Large Format Tiles are catching up?

Tile sizes are becoming larger, in India. Now we have consumers demanding tiles as large as 12 feet, for installation on interior floors, walls, or external facades. Gone are those days, when the ubiquitous 2 by 2 feet tile were the norm in tiling. The modern-day consumer is willing to pay for tiles that offer functional value but at the same time does demand more bang for the buck.
Very Large-format tiles give that – ‘more bang for the buck’. The very nature of having such tiles installed means that you have minimum grout lines, implying lesser maintenance. The added benefit is that the grout joints disappear in the design. This lends a spacious feel with premium aesthetics to your living space.
For the uninitiated, any tile with its largest side greater than 1000 mm is a ‘very large format tile’.
No wonder, having very large format tiles installed in your house is now the ‘in-thing’. But did we say that installing such tiles can be a tricky and messy affair? Or not? Let’s find out…

Cement or Adhesives?

Over the years, cement slurry was the defacto material of choice to install tiles. But Cement’s chemical composition doesn’t allow it to retain water. In scientific terms, because of Cement’s high heat of hydration, it tends to lose water quickly and shrinks.
So when you use cement slurry to install tiles, cement shrinks by losing water and is, thus, unable to bond with the tile surface. Consequently, the shrinkage also creates unintended hollow spaces below/beside the tile, thereby making the tile susceptible to debonding or cracks.
We have established that the installation of tiles with cement slurry is highly problematic. Now, let’s talk about the installation of very large format tiles.
Very large-format tiles undergo heat curing in roller furnaces. Hence, they come with natural warpage and flexibility (slight bend, otherwise not noticeable to the human eye). Imagine cement slurry losing water and shrinking after the installation of these tiles. The natural warpage of these tiles pronounces the issue of hollow sounds and drastically increases the probability of the following occurrences:

  • Tenting of tiles
  • Cracks at the edges (especially when spacers are not used)
  • De-bonding of tiles

With the tile installation using cement slurry, would you invest so much time and resources, just to witness the tiles of your choice crack and de-bond someday? No, right? That’s what we thought.
It is because of the above reasons why Tile Adhesives make sure the intended bonding with the tile occurs. How do we ensure that?
Tile adhesive is a special formulation of various ingredients, dosed with polymers to retain water(self-curing property) during adhesion with the tile. Thus, greatly enhancing the quality and longevity of the tile installation.
More so with very large format tiles, wherein the adhesion must sustain, allowing for the lateral movement arising due to the natural warpage and flexibility of such tiles.

Presenting MYK LATICRETE 335 Maxi

We designed 335 Maxi with a ‘special and unique’ formulation to flawlessly install Very Large Format Tiles, Thin Body, Laminate Tiles, and Stones for both exterior and interior surfaces.
The formulation of 335 Maxi is ‘special and unique’ because it is a multipurpose partially light weight, highly polymer modified and highly flexible adhesive for installation of very large format and thin body tiles on most of the substrates, to accommodate movements.

Features & Benefits of 335 Maxi

335 Maxi also exceeds ANSI A118.4 shear bond strength requirements, complies with EN/ISO with a C2TES1 classification, and exceeds IS 15477:2019 – Type 3/TS1 adhesive standards.

Be Progressive. Be Bold. Be Creative.

Be it the external facade, interior floors or interior walls, very large format tiles offer tremendous functional benefits and great value for money. And 335 Maxi makes that possible for you and your clients by giving you the confidence to be bold and creative while working with very large format tiles with consummate ease.
335 Maxi is a perfect demonstration of a ‘progressive adhesive technology’. With 335 Maxi’s innovative & unique capabilities, we make it easier for you to recommend very large format tiles for your clients.
So what’re you waiting for? Be Progressive. Be Bold. Be Creative. Need assistance with tile installations for your client’s site? Reach out to us and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

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Catch up with the latest trends of tile patterns on ceilings with LATAPOXY 310

Transform your Ceiling into a ‘Fifth Wall’

A beautiful lobby enthrals us because of the marvellous interiors. What often gets unnoticed about these interiors is the art on the ceilings. Have you ever observed the décor on the ceilings of a hotel or corporate lobbies, be it in the form of fancy tiles or attractive wallpapers, is gingerly chosen? If mediocre tiles are fixed on a ceiling next to a stunning chandelier, you will never consider the ceiling design to be of great taste. But, one must never underestimate the pattern on the ceiling to be average.

You may say – who keeps their head up high while entering into a hotel, corporate, or even a home, but we all glance through the ceilings without even knowing it. The chandelier on the ceiling of these places catches one’s attention and the attractive tile patterns around it complement it perfectly. It is thus incumbent to add an important design element around the ceiling to add value to the interior.

When you choose the right ceiling tile type, the next step that follows is fixing it accurately. As the ceiling is a very delicate area and needs utmost attention, one must let this process go about in a gingerly manner. Let your imagination go beyond limits when it comes to thinking of ways to beautify your ceiling space.

There are different tile patterns that you can choose from to add value to your interiors. For instance, the herringbone pattern –creates a sense of space in a small room, adding elegant movements and flow. Another popular tile pattern is the brick bond – it’s a simple pattern style that’s perfect for creating a metropolitan aesthetic. Then there are hexagon tiles – a lively addition to creating a geometric aesthetic. You could also go for modular patterns that are ideal for creating unique and interesting designs on your ceilings. Once you have locked on your tile pattern, all you need to do is fix them well.

While fixing tiles on ceilings, one needs to be careful that there is no gap and that the tile is fixed firmly. The ceiling area is unlike the other walls of your home or hotel or villa, it takes a lot more holding strength than the other walls. Uneven and not levelled ceiling surfaces can create a gap between the back of the tile and the surface. One of the biggest advantages of the spot bonding adhesive is the technique to gap those distances, with almost no extra material.

Here’s where MYK LATICRETE’s LATAPOXY 310 – A Spot Bonding Tile Adhesive comes into play. The bonding strength of this product is unimaginable. This heavy weight champion is ideal for fixing marbles, stones slabs and heavy tiles on vertical surfaces by just putting few dabs. This adhesive covers only 10% of the total surface area yet holds heavy tiles or stones on ceilings & walls. This adhesive stands true to its strength with its non-sag property and can withstand shock and vibration. So, whatever be the height of your imagination, LATAPOXY 310 is the ideal adhesive to support it.


Tradionally, tiles have been installed by using cement and sand slurry. However this method has its inherent problems. Because cement shrinks after drying it leaves hollow spaces below tile surface. These are weak spots in a floor and any impact will result in tile chipping or cracking. For a durable and trouble free installation of tiles adhesives is the right solution.

What is the Tile Adhesive?

Tile Adhesive is a factory-made specially formulated dry powder that is mixed with water or latex additive to form a consistent paste for problem-free tile installation. In the market, there are innumerable types of Tile-Adhesives which vary in the composition & quality due to its ingredients and process of manufacture. MYK LATICRETE has pioneered Tile-Adhesives in India after extensive R&D, reason why they are superior in quality and performance.
MYK LATICRETE tile adhesives has a large range to offer because one type of adhesive is not suitable for every type of tiles and stone. Choose a specific variant of MYK LATICRETE tile adhesive for type of tile or stone.

Bonding Issues of Cement & Tile Adhesives

The mixture of cement dries and shrinks. This creates void underneath the tiles after tile installation is done. This results in poor bonding between the tile and cement and also generates an aesthetic problem by allowing fragile areas to develop cracks with time.
Whereas, MYK LATICRETE Tile Adhesive is a fine paste that uniformly spreads across the tile to form a consistent bond and a firm base across the entire surface. Moreover, tile adhesive doesn’t require water curing and tiles set faster.

Comparing Working Quality of Cement & Tile Adhesives

Laying tiles with Cement is indeed a time-consuming and labour intensive process. The process is slow and involves soaking of tiles before installation. The making of cement slurry is a messy affair which consumes substantial quantity of sand and water.
MYK LATICRETE Tile Adhesives can be applied easily & effeciiently with the help of a notched trowel. This helps in avoiding many future problems like tile-cracking, water-seeping, and weak bond with the substrate. Tiling with MYK LATICRETE Tile Adhesives is much faster process.

Make the Right Choice for your Pocket.

Cement is a cheaper material when compared to Tile Adhesives. But MYK LATICRETE Tile Adhesives is value for money. You are likely to spend more on skilled mason and material while tiling with cement. Whereas, MYK LATICRETE Tile Adhesives help you curb wastage on material and resources used to tile the floor & walls and leaves no mess.

Why MYK LATICRETE Tile Adhesive is the best?

MYK LATICRETE Tile Adhesive is innovative designed to provide a strong bond. MYK LATICRETE can meet all your tile application demands. You can choose from the varied range of Tile-Adhesive to perfectly suit your unique set of substrates & tile or stone format. Be it small, large, glass, ceramic, or plastic. MYK LATICRETE Tile Adhesives are designed to offer a firm bond to all your residential and commercial tiling requirements.