Innovative Mivan initiative ‘Planet SKS’ Leverages High-tech Tile Installation Solutions

The construction industry in India is in the midst of a milestone-crossing spree. Among the recent successes is the adoption of the MIVAN formwork. A construction technology that offers higher architectural and design flexibility while enabling completion of construction projects economically and at an unsurpassed pace, the system is gaining ground in India. ‘Planet SKS’, a ground + 35 storied high-rise apartment in Mangalore, constituting 169 3 bhks and 4 bhks is among the early adopters of the technique. The landmark building backed by the construction prowess of Larsen & Toubro (L&T) underlines the commitment that the builders and the promoters SKS Netgate had in mind: one that was oriented to quality, efficiency, low cost, and long-term value. The partners chosen for the project were to reflect these values as well, and that is where MYK LATICRETE featured. The leading force in tile fixing was commissioned to provide a hassle-free installation solution across a ~3.8 lakh sq. ft area in the residential property.

The installation system proposed and used by MYK LATICRETE involved the following:

  • The vibrant swimming pool was fitted with glass mosaic tiles across a8000 sq. ft area using the LATICRETE 252 Ag Silver high polymer modified thinset adhesive. A specialty adhesive, it has been formulated specially for such tricky installations where a strong underwater shear bond is necessary to keep these installations intact over decades of use. While a highly technical water- and shock-resistant product, this single component adhesive trumps most alternatives in the market in terms of its ease of use, economical application, and bond strength. It was also used to fix the deck area of the swimming pool
  • To further secure the glass mosaic tiles in the pool areaand give the pool a crisp, finished look, the MYK LATICRETE SP-100 tile joint was employed. The grout has been formulated with a strong resistance to chemicals intended for water treatment and pH balance,adding rigidity and strength to the tile work. Its stain- and water-resistance and anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties have further elevated its functionality. This would help keep the pool looking pristine and equally clean by preventing the tile joints from harboring germs
  • A truly versatile product, the LATICRETE 252 Ag Silver thinset adhesive was also used for internal cladding to fit vitrified tiles on all the bathroom walls in the residential property. Given that the surfaces are dense in the Mivan construction method, there was a need for an adhesive that could guarantee a fail-proof bond. Since the product exceeds ANSI A118.4 shear bond strength conditions and the IS 15477 – Type 2 Adhesive standards, the product fit the requirement hand in glove

The project was completed successfully with no excess time or resources being lost to complex and lengthy tile installations. MYK LATICRETE aims to continue supporting the vision of innovators and the initiatives of the early adopters in the building space in order to meet the aspirations of a new generation of customers.

Make Big Impact with Wall Murals and SP-100 Tile Joints

Statement walls are all the rage these days and wall murals are a unique take on them. They combine brilliant colors and intricate designs via patterned tile arrangements allowing for incredibly personalized walls and unlimited creative possibilities. They lend an organic look to offices, malls, churches, and homes and are either used in the form of a decorative panel, accent wall, shower mural, or as a backsplash in kitchens. For how bespoke and hand-crafted they are, it is apparent that they don’t come easy or cheap. More often than not, the murals are reproduced from existing canvases or images and tiles are cut into a design basis the plan or images are transferred onto tiles through specialized custom-printing techniques.

Seeing as wall murals require putting together pieces of various shapes and sizes, irregular width gaps, both tiny and large, and variances in thickness of tiles are common. In vertical wall murals, grout lines are usually very small. Imaged or not, all wall mural jobs dictate that there be a grout space/ line; tiles can’t be but joined. The tile joint that goes in makes the mural functional by ensuring that in times of contraction or expansion of the setting material, there is no crack. It also acts as a moisture barrier that prevents the decay of the tile from behind and possible damage to the wall that it has been installed over by keeping mold from forming.

Traditional grouts, however, often can’t handle moisture, differences in gaps and tile thickness,and excessive movement and thus crack. In some cases, tile gaps tend to be too far apart, disintegrating the tile joint. Sanded grout which is conventionally used can also scratch the tile surface in the cases where the glaze isn’t solid enough. Also, a lot of glazed mural tiles have microscopic pores which can lead to discoloration the tile while grouting, creating unsightly stains and ruining the mural altogether, specifically when the grout is in a conflicting shade/hue.

All that being said, grout lines don’t just have a practical side to them. They also lend a mosaic look to murals, elevating their aesthetic. By bolstering the weight of a line, the tile joint can also be an integral element of the decorative process.
After understanding these requirements and the gaps in the market in terms of catering to such complex applications, MYK LATICRETE devised the SP-100 tile joint. A stain- ,germ-, and water resistant grout that works with ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles, this product not only gives the wall mural more body, it also ensures it retains its beauty for years to come through its color-fastness. In addition, given that the tile joint is available in a range of colors, it can help amp up the composition either by creating a more muted look through seamlessness or produce a strong decorative effect by way of a contrasting color of grout. It is non-cracking or powdering, and chemical and temperature resistant offering advantages that far outweigh any other product in the market.

All in all, MYK LATICRETE has time and again demonstrated its strengthin providing innovative tile and stone installation materials.

The Key to Grief-free Finishes Installation on Drywall Substrates: DWA 215

In an age where time is money, drywalls are a boon. From enabling faster construction to being relatively lightweight and accommodating several paints, textures, and lightweight applications,drywalls are finding their way into interior walls and ceilings.Today’s generation of drywall substrates have seen some game-changing evolution and have branched out to cater to a range of spaces and activities. They are being made to handle varied conditions such as dry, wet, and limited water exposure.

When injected with some personality through the use of finishes such as glass mosaic tiles, drywalls can really hit the ball out of the park in terms of their design and aesthetic capacity while also being cleaner and faster than conventional brick wall constructions. Since they can be dismantled and altered easily, they enable remodelling/refurbishing across a range of décor elements to reflect the changes in mood. And while drywalls and finishes have come a long way, the traditional adhesives that bring the two together and hold them in place, haven’t.

There are quite a few options available when it comes to installing tiles on drywall substrates, such as mastic and sand-cement mixtures, but their end-use can be narrow and limited to certain types of tiles and at other times, they can simply fall short on performance. Moisture can be a huge pain point in traditional drywalls, both from within the sand-cement mixture and its application to areas that encounter a lot of moisture. It is heavily likely to compromise the integrity of the drywall. To hold all that weight, applications need something to grip onto when installed on these boards. The sand-cement mixture tends to be weak in both flexural strength and tension making it prone to cracking, and consequently leading to de-bonding. Stones such as green marble can flake with mastic or mortar and not all glass tiles adhere well when bonded with these materials. Given that the physics doesn’t work in a lot of these cases, it’s logical to assume that the market required a high-performance adhesive that was versatile.

MYK LATICRETE thereby created a product that increases the lifecycle of the application by great lengths through high bond strength. The MYK LATICRETE DWA 215 Modified Polyurethane adhesive was developed for fixing ceramic, vitrified, andglass mosaic tiles onvarious types of drywall boards.Further, borrowing inspiration from drywalls itself and their ability to withstand high tension environments such as earthquake prone zones and high rise buildings, MYK LATICRETE developed a green product that holds its own even in areas where installations are subject to physical abuse, shock, and mild chemicals on all kinds of drywall substrates including gypsum wall board and calcium silicate boards. It also helps slash down hours of manpower seeing as this single component adhesive is easy to use and doesn’t require any more than simply opening and putting to use. All in all, the DWA 215 is a well-rounded product. Going forward, MYK LATICRETE aims to continue bringing contemporary world standards to the tile and stone installation and maintenance industry in India through such products.

Agra’s 7 Star Luxury Hotel: The Oberoi Amarvilas

The Oberoi Amarvillas is located just 600 meters away from Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world. This royal hotel possesses a unique place amongst luxury hotels in Agra. Every room in this hotel has a beautiful and uninterrupted view of the Taj Mahal, an ancient masterpiece of affection, built by Shahjahan for his wife, Mumtaz.
The Oberoi Hotel had to get their swimming pool and other water bodies renovated and Mr.Sushil Tyagi, Senior Chief Engineer of the Oberoi Hotels chose only MYK LATICRETE – the Leader in Tile and Stone Installation Solutions. He believed that no one else could do a better job for the completion of this project.
For the pool and water bodies, we suggested the entire swimming pool system which included surface preparation, waterproofing, fixing and grouting of ceramic tiles.
The contractors hired for the job were The Grout People from New Delhi and the total area of application was 9000 sq.ft.
MYK LATICRETE proposed the surface preparation, waterproofing, tile adhesives and grouting.
Surface preparation through MYK LATICRETE Power Plast TM was suggested as a levelling bed on the pool surface. The levelling Power Plast TM is intended to be used with water to provide excellent strength. It meets and also exceeds the requirements of National and International Standards because it is water-retaining and self-curing plaster.
Waterproofing through LATICRETE HYDRO BAN waterproofing membrane was advised to waterproof the pool surface. LATICRETE HYDRO BAN is a single component self-curing liquid rubber polymer which creates a resilient, seamless waterproofing membrane. It helps to prevent sprouting of plants and decay of underlying machine elements by eliminating damaging water leakage.
The Tile Adhesive suggested was LATICRETE 254 Platinum Thinset Adhesive and it was used to fix ceramic tiles in the pool and other water bodies. LATICRETE POLYMER Modified Thinset Adhesive produces a tough bond for the ceramic tiles placed in the swimming pool and water bodies. LATICRETE 254 Platinum Thinset Adhesive has amazing features like excellent strength, flexibility to manage structural movements, non-sag property and bearing on extreme weather situations.
Grouting was done with MYK LATICRETE SP-100 Tile joint that gives higher protection from the chemical used for water treatment, pH imbalance and doesn’t decorticate from movement.
What makes MYK LATICRETE the first choice of the clients is its ability to deliver single-source accountability for such demands, high-performance applications fitted with technical solutions and of course the after service.
The Tile Adhesive suggested was LATICRETE 254 Platinum Thinset Adhesive and it was used to fix ceramic tiles in the pool and other water bodies. LATICRETE POLYMER Modified Thinset Adhesive produces a tough bond for the ceramic tiles placed in the swimming pool and water bodies. LATICRETE 254 Platinum Thinset Adhesive has amazing features like excellent strength, flexibility to manage structural movements, non-sag property and bearing on extreme weather situations.
Grouting was done with MYK LATICRETE SP-100 Tile joint that gives higher protection from the chemical used for water treatment, pH imbalance and doesn’t decorticate from movement.
What makes MYK LATICRETE the first choice of the clients is its ability to deliver single-source accountability for such demands, high-performance applications fitted with technical solutions and of course the after service.

Tile Installation at The Jio Centre with MYK LATICRETE: A powerhouse of products

The Dhirubhai Ambani International Convention and Exhibition Centre, standing tall at the nexus of Mumbai’s commercial zone has set a new standard for convention centers globally. Equipped with an avant-garde infrastructure and rooted in immaculate hospitality, the center has reimagined and reshaped the exhibition experience on an international scale both in terms of size and value. This is where the latest innovations in products and services converge with the center acting as a hub for new connections, economic activity, and knowledge sharing. Given the sheer scale of the project and the nature of the building, there were quite a few challenges and very specific requirements that came with it. But MYK LATICRETE’s sophisticated products stood up to these specificities in the following ways:
• The 1,65,000 sqft exterior façade was to be fitted with Panna Fragolla and Satvario stones, each measuring 600*1800 mm and weighing a whopping 100+ kgs. It required a durable, heavy-duty adhesive that could lock the stone in place without leaving any space for possibilities of slipping or sagging, now or ever. LATAPOXY 310 epoxy anchor adhesive, a two-component chemical anchor designed to ensure a durable permanent bond on vertical surfaces was the perfect choice. It eliminates the need for a mechanical anchor or clamps and resists any vibration or shock. It also takes care of the aesthetics as it keeps the appeal of the light-colored stones intact with its non-staining properties. Even at temperatures as high as 95°F, the adhesive maintains its non-sag consistency

• The glass mosaic tiles which adorned the numerous water bodies and fountains in the exteriors were secured with LATICRETE 254 PLATINUM thin-set adhesive, thanks to its good underwater shear bond. From enabling the tiles to stay put in the erratic weather conditions under which Mumbai reels to handling structural movements, the single component polymer fortified mortar helped achieve unparalleled bond strength. All it required was the addition of water, simplifying the task of fixing the tiles. Its tenacious bond makes the product suitable for wet areas such as swimming pools, sauna, and wash rooms

MYK LATICRETE PUA 212 eased the installation of natural stone on metal. As a two component, modified Polyurethane Adhesive designed to adhere various tiles and stones to any substrate, this product is highly elastic and thixotropic and aces projects which require laying water-sensitive tiles and stones over highly deformable, expandable, absorbent and non-absorbent substrates. Seeing as it is economical and easy to use, it served well in bringing down the costs of the material as well as labor
The project was completed successfully and MYK LATICRETE was able to reinforce its position as a technologically advanced solutions provider with the best-in-class products for unique installations.

Extend the Life of Industrial Flooring with LATICRETE 2000 Epoxy Grout

Flooring is pervasive. It’s an inherent part of every building structure. But each floor is different. Residential and commercial environments are built to take the brunt of daily activities and low to high traffic. But industrial environments are a whole different ballgame. Typically, the floors associated with these areas have to withstand the possibilities of dropped tools, machinery, pedestrian traffic, and trolleys among others. Sites that use chemicals and are equipped with heating and cooling systems also require special treatments/flooring options that can adhere to several safety and hygiene standards.While a ton of flooring options have been introduced that can withstand these stresses, the same cannot be said for joint fillers.

Traditional or inferior joint fillers aren’t hardy. They deteriorate when subject to the above conditions, and pretty fast, causing them to leave gaps in between tiles. The smallest area of unnecessary spacing with an adjacent tile or unbonded grout can slowly affect the tiles and lead to cracks in the floor. Left unattended, they damage the flooring and could result in the development of infectious organisms under the flooringover time, leading to expensive and unnecessary renovations. Not to mention all the downtime that causeslosses in business and productivity and the risk of putting the health of those working in the facility in jeopardy.

There was a clear need for a solution that could combat all these factors. MYK LATICRETE’s LATAPOXY 2000, a three part, 100% solid epoxy grouthas thereby emerged as the clear choice.When put to test, the grout is able to deal with everything from heat to industrial ovens to chemical/liquid spills including most corrosives, acids, and solvents owing to its extremely high chemical, and temperature-resistance properties. It also acts an active anti -fungal and -bacterial, effectively fighting germs. Given that it is easy to clean with both water and steam means that the floor and grout is kept looking fresh and almost as good as new. It is also fast curing so work can be resumed within 24 hours. It works in a range of corrosive environments such as:
Industrial: Dairies, bakeries, cheese factories, meat packing plants, breweries, soft drink plants,canneries, confectioneries, and more.
Commercial: Institutional kitchens, fast food restaurants,laboratories, and cafeterias among others.
The product is offered as factory proportionedkits constituting hardener, chemical resistant silica filler, and epoxy resin.
With a variety of high-impact products across different applications, MYK LATICRETE is among the most versatile tile and stone installation solution providers on the market today. It has gained a stellar reputation for offering durable products that are both aesthetically appealing and flexible.

Adhesive Tailored for Industrial Applications: LATICRETE 111+73

Industrial flooring is subject to pretty arduous conditions as it handles and facilitates movement of man, materials, and machines. Add the need to comply with health and building code requirements to the mix and the perils are compounded.Impact damage, moisture ingress, thermal shock, and absorption of dangerous chemicals are just some of the many demands on industrial floors.

There are unique problems associated to an industry and no two industries are the same. For instance, in large distribution centers, the base for the floor needs to be incredibly flat to reduce vibration of lift trucks while they are moving; the aviation industry calls for floors that can withstand the aviation hydraulic fluid.While seemingly small, when these demands are not factored in during the installation, this can lead to a wrecked floor or an improper installation followed by a facility shutdown or halted operations leading to losses.Given that they are anything but cheap, ensuring that these floorscan withstand the demandsis essential.

It is quite common to reach for the traditional cement and sand mortar, but it can go down fast. Tiles and stones can lose their integrity due to high pressure, come loose from differential thermal expansion, develop cracks and have uneven levelling. Plus, these products aren’t built for the contrasts inthe composition of various tiles. There is an obvious need for an adhesive that can take care of all this and more. As a result, MYK LATICRETE designed the LATICRETE111 + 73 solution, wherein the LATICRETE 73 Rapid Crete Admix is used for polymer fortification of the LATICRETE 111 Crete Filler Powderto produce an adhesive that is unrivalled in terms of strength and flexibility seeing as it exceeds ANSI A118.4 shear bond strengthrequirements. It is also an all-rounder when it comes to fixing a variety of extremely large format tiles and stones both in the interiors and the exteriors.The adhesivehas a superior underwater shear bondallowing it to tackle the challenging job of setting tiles and stones in wet areas.Put the adhesive under any kind of stress from thermal shocks to water and it comes out a clear winner.The LATICRETE 73 also provides longer potlife and working time in hot weather conditions.The product is thus perfect for highly critical areas suchas industrial plants.

In addition to products such as these, the company has also come out with a well-rounded industrial flooring systemthat can cater to a wide range of facilities regardless of the requirements. Constituting a latex fortified adhesive, underlayment mortar, an epoxy adhesive and a chemical resistant epoxy grout, it renders any kind of floor with a high level of endurance against heavy traffic and load. It has the capability to keep downtime to a minimum, so precious time is not lost installing or repairing floors.

With a range of industry leading,comprehensive flooring lines on the market, MYK LATICRETE has something for all possible kinds of tiling requirements in the industry.

Details that Matter : STELLAR Grout

When thinking about the flooring of any project, choosing the right flooring is largely hinged on the tile /stone complementing the décor and adding to the space’s functionality. But for the flawless execution, looking beyond the type of flooring and the size of the components is essential. Think grout. Grout is more than just a filler in the seams of a tile. Without it, tiles are likely to see their time faster because as they say the devil is in the details. It keeps the floor under the tile protected from dirt and water or moisture and protects the tile from cracking and chipping.

That being said, not all grout is created equal. Those that are on the market such as cement grout, can include more than a single pack or may necessitate the use of water/liquids prior to application. Since this entails a lot of measuring and mixing, there are high chances that the proportions will be off when the job is rushed, leading to cracks. Porosity has also been a concern. Traditional grout is largely riddled with undetectable openings that serve as a conduit for dirt, mold, and more. So long before the grout expires, it will become stained and unattractive no matter how religiously the floor is cleaned. There has been an added risk of sunken holes or sagging into the joints specially when the joints are large. Using these grouts in outdoor applications has further invited inconsistency in performance. Taking all this into consideration, there was clearly a need for a better product

Shaking up the formulaic response to creating products, MYK LATICRETE dove deep into the purpose, the constraints, and the application of grout and designed STELLAR. It immediately saw success and gained the trust of professionals in the world of building and outside. Case in point: The National War Memorial, an incredible 40-acre monument that recognizes and honors those who have given their lives fighting wars while serving in the nation’s armed forces. A project of that stature commands only the best of products. MYK LATICRETE shouldered the responsibility of providing floor installation solutions and the STELLAR grout, a high performance modified joint filling grout with a no-sag formula featured prominently. Used across a stone floor spanning 4,00,000 sqft, the joint filler ticked all the right boxes. Given that the area is so large and the job at hand so meticulous, the grout’s easy-to-use, flexible single component formula came to the rescue, helping complete the project without a lot of hassle and within the required timeframe. Functionality-wise, it is non-cracking and -powdering, helping preserve the timelessness of the monument. The product’s superior durability, chemical/stain protection, and UV and temperature-resistance only added to its life-extending properties by saving the floor from the extreme temperatures of Delhi and keeping it looking pristine. Versatile as it is, it also lent excellent colour uniformity through the Parchment and Canyon red colors of the grout.
This demonstrates that no matter the industry standards, MYK LATICRETE’s products have shown to outperform!

Extending Function and Finesse to Resorts with MYK LATICRETE SP-100 Tile Joint

In the world of hospitality and beyond, form always meets function. Resorts are thereby tasked with a huge responsibility – they have to be equal parts functional and equal parts appealing. Since resorts have certain spaces such as the open courtyards, reception lobbies, the grand entrance, and the dining areas which witness high footfall, it can be really hard to keep up. This is largely because the devil is in the details. When the stunning aesthetic of the resort is contrasted by missing or broken tiles, mold, bad/dirty grouting, the reputation of the resort is most likely going to go for a toss and lead to a slew of bad reviews and consecutively bad business. All these problems are common in high traffic areas of the resort as much as they are in wet areas such as washrooms and swimming pools.

There is one solution toall these probelms : the SP-100 Tile Joint by MYK LATICRETE. Traditional cement-based grout doesn’t offer superior resistance to heavy usage and the accompanying dust/dirt, chemicals, and water.But the tile joint, with its stain, water and germ resistant properties quashes all these issues. It works with a range of stones and tiles, and particularly holds up well in water logged or wet areas such as bathrooms and pools. Not only does it avoid expensive re-grouting due to short-term results, something that is common with traditional tile joints, it is also a smart way of enhancing and retaining the visual nuances with its range of colors and its color fastness property.

Case in point: The Cheval Blanc Randheli Resort in the Maldives, an exclusive hideaway from the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy group. With well-being woven into the fiber of this luxurious resort, the spa and sauna and a 12.5-meter-long swimming pool are amongst the most important relaxation options offered there. MYK LATICRETE’s proven success and history with such prestigious projects drew the attention of the project managers and we were entrusted to supply spa and water body systems.

MYK LATICRETE SP-100 tile joint was used in the spa and water bodies to ensure the tile-joints don’t get tainted and are free from fungal and bacterial growth. In the pool, it was exclusively used for grouting Black Lime Stone in the suspended swimming pool across an area of 156 sq. mt. Since the product is engineered to have a strong chemical-resistance, it worked well in an environment which was heavy on water treatment and prone to pH imbalance and delamination from movement. Owing to its solid credentials in terms of flexibility and strength, it accommodates differential movement that comes with moisture expansion and shrinkage drying in these spaces.
With the competition of such a prestigious project MYK LATICRETE added yet another feather in its cap of successful installations. It aims to continue innovating and providing best-in-class products for the design and construction industry.


Stones, a timeless element of design, have long been used to enliven floors, thanks to their inalienable character.They are quarried from mountains or manufactured and take up many forms such as marble,slate, travertine, limestone, sandstone, and granite. They have a dynamic range spanning from finely grained to heavily veined to thinly whirled.

While stone installations offer countless opportunities for design, the installation can be a challenging endeavor. Crack propagation and tenting of stone slabs are common problems that surface after the installation is done. This is even more prominent with sensitive premium stones that are often porous and must be handled with extreme care to maintain the aesthetics. Apart from requiring lot of expertise during handling, premium stones necessitate a tight tolerance to plumbing/leveling of the substrate to avoid shrinking of the adhesive and the subsequent emergence of hollow spaces. In addition, when the setting material is less resistant to shrinkage, it causes indents or fractures, which is a common phenomenon today. This is worsened when the stone is subjected to stress from deflection, considerable traffic, or lack of movement joints, driving crack separation in the stone. Indent fractures also occurs when installers tend to apply a much thicker layer of thin-set mortar on a membrane. When the stone is installed over this, the thin-set mortar’s moisture cannot be absorbed by the substrate, leading to expansion and thus cracking of the stone.

LATICRETE® 320 Thick Bed Adhesive is a polymer modified adhesive that can be used to install large and small format stones on both exterior and interior floors. The adhesive is hassle-free to use, requiring nothing more than water to be mixed in. It eliminates the risk of lippage, ridding the user of possible level differences. The product makes fixing large-format tiles a breeze owing to it’s non shrink property. It can be used on substrates with a bed thickness of up to 40 mm and is thereby capable of handling even heavy stone floorings. It works well with a range of substrates such as concrete, Tremix, VDF, precast concrete; cement and gypsum-based screed; cement backer board; ceramic tile, vitrified tile and natural stone surfaces, and cement terrazzo.

LATICRETE® 320 is always up for a good challenge. Not only does it work across a variety of substrates, it has a good underwater shear bond that makes it perfect to use in areas such as wash rooms, saunas, swimming pools and water bodies. LATICRETE® 320 is a high-performance product, exceeding ANSI A118.4 shear bond strength requirements along with IS 15477 – Type 2 Adhesive standards. It also complies with EN 12004.

With the backing of a robust innovation pipeline, MYK LATICRETE has been able to invest in future technologies and optimize products that adapt well to the ever-evolving stone installation marketplace and the associated challenges during the installation of Stones.