SP 100 Tile joint - MYK LATICRETE

Why choose SP-100 over ordinary grout?

Consider you’re looking to modernize and renovate the house, you may have a swarm of ideas in your head. But, the first and the most important one is the gentrification of your interiors. With everything that goes in making the appearance of your house appealing, fixing of tiles and stones on floors and walls plays an essential part too. So, let’s further elaborate on the necessities and requirements of fixing tiles and stones and what goes with it.

You can’t consider your work ‘whole’ after just fixing tiles and stones on floors and walls. There’s more to it and that is using grouts and why you need the right grout. For those who aren’t familiar with what is grout and why do you need it? Grout is used as a filler for joints between tiles and stones once you have installed them. Now, you certainly want your walls and floors to have a crisp appearance, right? Grouts fill that appearance.

Initially, one would use the traditional method of using white cement but there are repercussions to it. From cracking & powdering, water penetration, stain & dirt accumulation, germs growing in between tiles, tile deterioration to chemical erosion, there are many problems one can encounter if you use white cement-based grout. Surprised? Fret not, here’s introducing you to a grout that surpasses ordinary grout in all forms – SP-100 Tile Joint. Let’s elaborate further.

  • White cement leads to stubborn dirt being accumulated in broken joints, whereas SP-100 tile joints are stain-resistant and fight all types of stains.
  • Moisture and steam disintegrate white cement allowing germs and fungi to thrive; SP-100 fights germs as it is germ-resistant tile joint.
  • White cement disintegrates allowing seeping of water through the tile joints; the SP-100 tile joint is water-resistant and doesn’t allow water to seep in at all.
  • Using white cement leads to cracking & powdering of tile joints; SP-100 is a chemical resistant tile joint and you can be assured it takes care of problems like cracking & powdering.

Another added advantage of SP-100 is that unlike ordinary grouts it is available in different colors and doesn’t fade. It gives your home appearance the ideal look and feel.
To sum it, SP-100 tile joints are stain, germ, and water-resistant. It is suitable for ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, marble, and stone, especially in stain prone areas, such as kitchens and washrooms. Not to mention, it’s also applicable for tiles in swimming pool areas.
Thus, irrespective of choosing the best of Tiles that blend well with all the aesthetic qualities, one must also choose the best Tile Joint that enhances the tonality of the whole wall & floor. A wrong choice of Tile Joint can lead to unpleasant results to whole Tile Installation.
Don’t worry, fix this delicate issue for years to come with MYK LATICRETE SP-100 Tile Joint; where there’s zero moisture absorption and also can’t get stained. Additionally, the range of its 40+ shades never prevents you from losing out your imagination, and lets you select from the wide and colorful shades.