MYK LATICRETE SUPER SET is a macromolecule based polymer concentrate liquid to be mixed with water and used with cement for installing ceramic tile, vitrified tile and natural stone using the traditional cement slurry method of installation. It is very economical and works as a great enhancer for cement slurry bonding with tiles and stones removing the need for water curing.

Data Sheet Super Set

Material Safety Data Super Set

Features & Benefits

  • Purpose - for enhancing traditional cement slurry
  • Easy to use – Liquid form easily dispersible in water
  • Polymer based – High adhesion, more open time
  • Better performance – Compared to traditional system of only cement slurry tiling
  • Special Polymers – Self curing of cement slurry
  • Economical – Highly economical to use with many benefits
  • Can be used with Grey Cement or White Cement

Product Details

Packaging: 300ml             Colour: White liquid

How to apply

Installation: Note: Expansion joints shall be provided through the tile work from all construction or expansion joints in the substrate. Follow ANSI Specification AN-3.8 “Requirements for Expansion Joints” or TCA Detail EJ171 “Expansion Joints”. Do not cover expansion joints with leveling bed mortar, tile or stone. Mixing: Place clean, potable water into a clean pail. Add MYK LATICRETE Superset, and mix thoroughly. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes before mixing this Superset slurry to cement or cement sand mortar. Superset Slurry: Mix 300ml of Superset with 20 Liters of water. Add this Superset Slurry to Cement and mix by hand or with a slow speed mixer to a smooth, workable consistency. Adjust consistency if necessary. Remix and apply with tools over the leveling bed. Installation of Tile or Stone over the Leveling Bed: Apply Superset Slurry to the substrate with the flat side of the trowel, pressing firmly to work into surface. Spread as much Superset Slurry as can be covered with tile in 10 minutes. Back butter large tiles (> 12”x12”) with Superset Slurry to provide full bedding and firm support. Place tiles into wet, sticky Superset slurry base and beat in using a beating block and rubber mallet to imbed tile and adjust level. Application: Can be used for interior and exterior applications on floor. Suitable Substrates:
  • Traditional Wet on Wet system
  • Cement Mortar Beds