MYK LATICRETE LATAPRIMER is a premium quality, water-based dispersion containing acrylic polymers and selected surface activation agents, which penetrate deep into the substrate and maximize bond strength. It can be used on a wide range of substrates including Cement based plasters, gypsum based plasters, POP, etc.,


Material Safety Data LATAPRIMER MSDS

Features & Benefits

  • Effective in sealing pores in substrate
  • Better adhesion to substrate
  • Improves coverage saves paint cost

Product Details

Packaging: 1, 4 ltrs cans, 10 ltrs & 20 ltrs pails Coverage: 80 to 100 sq.ft.* Dilution: Upto 20% dilution with water Certification:

  • VOC: Very low

How to apply

Surface Preparation: Clean substrate to eliminate dust, dirt, oil, grease, paint or any contaminants which may affect bonding. Do not use chemicals to clean substrate. Remove any loose particles by vacuuming and damp sponging. Mixing: Dilute with clean water according to the ratios given in the Lataprimer – Interior, Water Based Cement Primer Mixing Guide table. Water amounts should be carefully measured to ensure proper mix ratio. Make sure the water used is of potable quality to get best results. Blend by hand OR using a mixing paddle. Application: LATAPRIMER Water Based Cement Primer can be sprayed, roller, brush or broom applied to prepared surfaces. Avoid puddling and allow becoming dry- to- touch (3–5 hours after application with good ventilation). For best results, and while the primer is still fresh, it should be lightly brushed to ensure a complete, uniform film has been applied. Allow the primed surface to completely dry before the application of paint or putty materials. Protect areas from direct sunlight. Keep primed surface clean. Maintain adequate ventilation during and after application of primer to help ensure quicker drying.
Areas of Application:
  • Interior areas Concrete
  • Cement Plaster
  • Cement based wall putty
  • Gypsum based wall putty
  • Acrylic Based wall putty
  • Cement Backer Boards*
  • Gypsum Wall boards* with paper face Calcium Silicate Boards*