It is polymer modified sanded ready to mix plaster made of selected raw materials, Gypsum Hemi-hydrate and graded fillers. It can be applied manually or by spray machine. Designed for use with water to produce superior strength, water retaining & self curing* plaster that meets and exceeds the requirements of National and International Standards.



Features & Benefits

  • Superior strength
  • Minimum rebound losses
  • Easy to use by spray machine and manually
  • Self curing
  • Water resistant
  •  High bond & compressive strength

Product Details

Packaging: 25 kg Bag Coverage Please refer the TDS Color Off White

How to apply

Surface preparation: All surfaces should be between 40 ℉ (4℃) and 90℉(32℃) and structurally sound, clean and free of all dirt, oil, grease, loose peeling paint, concrete sealers or curing compounds. Dry, dusty concrete walls or masonry should be dampened, and excess water swept off. Installation may be made on a damp surface. All walls must be to plumb and true within.”(6mm) in 10 ft (3m). Make necessary bull marking for better working and leveled surface, using Lataplast Interior gypsum mixed with water. Expansion joints shall be provided through the plaster work from all construction or expansion joints in the substrate. Follow ANSI Specification AN-3.8 “Requirements for Expansion Joints” or TCA Detail EJ171 “Expansion Joints”. Do not cover expansion joints with mortar. Glass Mesh Mortar Unit: follow TCA installation detail W244, in temperatures over 95°F (35°C). Priming for Concrete walls: (If not roughened by hacking) Mix MYK Laticrete 3642 Latex admix with water and Lataplast Interior Plaster as 1:0.25:1.75-2.25 ratio by weight and make free flowing slurry. To prepare lumps free primer , add Lataplast interior plaster powder slowly with regular mixing to the diluted latex. Use the entire quantity of the primer within 90 minutes.  Apply an even thickness (single coat) of the slurry to the cleaned substrate using a brush. Allow the primer to be cured for 8 hrs before plaster application. Each one liter of MYK Laticrete 3642 admix will cover 4-5 Sq. Mtr. approximately. Application of Lataplast Interior, Gypsum: Mix Lataplast Interior Gypsum with required water to get the desired consistency. Place the wet plaster on the prepared surface and smoothen on the surface using suitable leveling tools. Spread the plaster material on wall surface and make the surface even taking enough care to check the required levels of walls and compact well. For hacked concrete surfaces, initially one loosely mixed plaster coat would help in building up thicknesses well. Tiling by Thin set Adhesive Method: Leave the compacted and finished plaster for a period of 7 days for air curing and install tiles using a suitable thin set adhesive. Grouting of tile joints can commence after 48 hours from the completion of tiling.