Details that Matter : STELLAR Grout

When thinking about the flooring of any project, choosing the right flooring is largely hinged on the tile /stone complementing the décor and adding to the space’s functionality. But for the flawless execution, looking beyond the type of flooring and the size of the components is essential. Think grout. Grout is more than just a filler in the seams of a tile. Without it, tiles are likely to see their time faster because as they say the devil is in the details. It keeps the floor under the tile protected from dirt and water or moisture and protects the tile from cracking and chipping.

That being said, not all grout is created equal. Those that are on the market such as cement grout, can include more than a single pack or may necessitate the use of water/liquids prior to application. Since this entails a lot of measuring and mixing, there are high chances that the proportions will be off when the job is rushed, leading to cracks. Porosity has also been a concern. Traditional grout is largely riddled with undetectable openings that serve as a conduit for dirt, mold, and more. So long before the grout expires, it will become stained and unattractive no matter how religiously the floor is cleaned. There has been an added risk of sunken holes or sagging into the joints specially when the joints are large. Using these grouts in outdoor applications has further invited inconsistency in performance. Taking all this into consideration, there was clearly a need for a better product

Shaking up the formulaic response to creating products, MYK LATICRETE dove deep into the purpose, the constraints, and the application of grout and designed STELLAR. It immediately saw success and gained the trust of professionals in the world of building and outside. Case in point: The National War Memorial, an incredible 40-acre monument that recognizes and honors those who have given their lives fighting wars while serving in the nation’s armed forces. A project of that stature commands only the best of products. MYK LATICRETE shouldered the responsibility of providing floor installation solutions and the STELLAR grout, a high performance modified joint filling grout with a no-sag formula featured prominently. Used across a stone floor spanning 4,00,000 sqft, the joint filler ticked all the right boxes. Given that the area is so large and the job at hand so meticulous, the grout’s easy-to-use, flexible single component formula came to the rescue, helping complete the project without a lot of hassle and within the required timeframe. Functionality-wise, it is non-cracking and -powdering, helping preserve the timelessness of the monument. The product’s superior durability, chemical/stain protection, and UV and temperature-resistance only added to its life-extending properties by saving the floor from the extreme temperatures of Delhi and keeping it looking pristine. Versatile as it is, it also lent excellent colour uniformity through the Parchment and Canyon red colors of the grout.
This demonstrates that no matter the industry standards, MYK LATICRETE’s products have shown to outperform!

Extending Function and Finesse to Resorts with MYK LATICRETE SP-100 Tile Joint

In the world of hospitality and beyond, form always meets function. Resorts are thereby tasked with a huge responsibility – they have to be equal parts functional and equal parts appealing. Since resorts have certain spaces such as the open courtyards, reception lobbies, the grand entrance, and the dining areas which witness high footfall, it can be really hard to keep up. This is largely because the devil is in the details. When the stunning aesthetic of the resort is contrasted by missing or broken tiles, mold, bad/dirty grouting, the reputation of the resort is most likely going to go for a toss and lead to a slew of bad reviews and consecutively bad business. All these problems are common in high traffic areas of the resort as much as they are in wet areas such as washrooms and swimming pools.

There is one solution toall these probelms : the SP-100 Tile Joint by MYK LATICRETE. Traditional cement-based grout doesn’t offer superior resistance to heavy usage and the accompanying dust/dirt, chemicals, and water.But the tile joint, with its stain, water and germ resistant properties quashes all these issues. It works with a range of stones and tiles, and particularly holds up well in water logged or wet areas such as bathrooms and pools. Not only does it avoid expensive re-grouting due to short-term results, something that is common with traditional tile joints, it is also a smart way of enhancing and retaining the visual nuances with its range of colors and its color fastness property.

Case in point: The Cheval Blanc Randheli Resort in the Maldives, an exclusive hideaway from the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy group. With well-being woven into the fiber of this luxurious resort, the spa and sauna and a 12.5-meter-long swimming pool are amongst the most important relaxation options offered there. MYK LATICRETE’s proven success and history with such prestigious projects drew the attention of the project managers and we were entrusted to supply spa and water body systems.

MYK LATICRETE SP-100 tile joint was used in the spa and water bodies to ensure the tile-joints don’t get tainted and are free from fungal and bacterial growth. In the pool, it was exclusively used for grouting Black Lime Stone in the suspended swimming pool across an area of 156 sq. mt. Since the product is engineered to have a strong chemical-resistance, it worked well in an environment which was heavy on water treatment and prone to pH imbalance and delamination from movement. Owing to its solid credentials in terms of flexibility and strength, it accommodates differential movement that comes with moisture expansion and shrinkage drying in these spaces.
With the competition of such a prestigious project MYK LATICRETE added yet another feather in its cap of successful installations. It aims to continue innovating and providing best-in-class products for the design and construction industry.


Stones, a timeless element of design, have long been used to enliven floors, thanks to their inalienable character.They are quarried from mountains or manufactured and take up many forms such as marble,slate, travertine, limestone, sandstone, and granite. They have a dynamic range spanning from finely grained to heavily veined to thinly whirled.

While stone installations offer countless opportunities for design, the installation can be a challenging endeavor. Crack propagation and tenting of stone slabs are common problems that surface after the installation is done. This is even more prominent with sensitive premium stones that are often porous and must be handled with extreme care to maintain the aesthetics. Apart from requiring lot of expertise during handling, premium stones necessitate a tight tolerance to plumbing/leveling of the substrate to avoid shrinking of the adhesive and the subsequent emergence of hollow spaces. In addition, when the setting material is less resistant to shrinkage, it causes indents or fractures, which is a common phenomenon today. This is worsened when the stone is subjected to stress from deflection, considerable traffic, or lack of movement joints, driving crack separation in the stone. Indent fractures also occurs when installers tend to apply a much thicker layer of thin-set mortar on a membrane. When the stone is installed over this, the thin-set mortar’s moisture cannot be absorbed by the substrate, leading to expansion and thus cracking of the stone.

LATICRETE® 320 Thick Bed Adhesive is a polymer modified adhesive that can be used to install large and small format stones on both exterior and interior floors. The adhesive is hassle-free to use, requiring nothing more than water to be mixed in. It eliminates the risk of lippage, ridding the user of possible level differences. The product makes fixing large-format tiles a breeze owing to it’s non shrink property. It can be used on substrates with a bed thickness of up to 40 mm and is thereby capable of handling even heavy stone floorings. It works well with a range of substrates such as concrete, Tremix, VDF, precast concrete; cement and gypsum-based screed; cement backer board; ceramic tile, vitrified tile and natural stone surfaces, and cement terrazzo.

LATICRETE® 320 is always up for a good challenge. Not only does it work across a variety of substrates, it has a good underwater shear bond that makes it perfect to use in areas such as wash rooms, saunas, swimming pools and water bodies. LATICRETE® 320 is a high-performance product, exceeding ANSI A118.4 shear bond strength requirements along with IS 15477 – Type 2 Adhesive standards. It also complies with EN 12004.

With the backing of a robust innovation pipeline, MYK LATICRETE has been able to invest in future technologies and optimize products that adapt well to the ever-evolving stone installation marketplace and the associated challenges during the installation of Stones.

Discover a New Dimension of Space with Innovative Ceilings

Buildings have been through several trends over the years and the design of living, working, dining, and other spaces is being reinvented. The elements of expression for facades and ceilings have expanded beyond the homogenous clutches of plain surfaces and drab materials. Stone and tile ceilings are increasingly being used to provide a distinctive aesthetic across hospitality, retail, and residential projects.

These installations demonstrate that the “fifth wall” doesn’t have to be cookie-cutter in nature. Stones and tiles add dimension through colors, shapes, and finishes and can establish a strong visual connection with the rest of the interiors. They are versatile too and can be incorporated in a myriad of ways from creating a floor-to-ceiling continuity with a specific material or punctuating accents. They can visually imply more space, offer easier maintenance, and transform spaces such as lobbies, hallways, fireplace surrounds, and archways without requiring designer suspended ceilings. The anchor frameworks that have for been used to fix these heavy overhead finishes are now being replaced by innovative adhesives that facilitate more ease and speed in installation.

Large sized ceramic tiles and stones with smaller grout joints are reigning in popularity as they bring in a sense of seamlessness. But with that also comes the challenge of providing a higher level of adherence. Large or heavy tile and stone formats are often time consuming to install on the ceiling given that it can be incredibly hard to get the individual pieces leveled out. It often warrants the use of support boards or sticks to hold up the material till it is set. In addition, uneven ceiling surfaces can make things go awry and if they are not dealt with properly, the hazard of tiles and stones falling off or being displaced, is high. Further, if the adhesive is not well combined or in the right ratio with other components, the guarantee of the tiles staying in place can be compromised. When the building is subject to high temperature changes or vibrations, there is also a possibility of stressors leading to open cracks and warping of marble.

All this means that there is a need for a product that is flexible to stressors, has a high mechanical strength, and a fast setting chemical anchor that can hold these heavy materials in place until they are completely set in the desired position. While a non-sag feature helps with the setting, spot bonding allows attaining plumb and gap the distances due to uneven surfaces as the material can be adjusted. It is also excellent at handling routine vibrations and building movement.

To fulfil these requirements and enable architects and designers to add stone and tile details, MYK LATICRETE offers the LATAPOXY® 310 Chemical Anchor, an epoxy adhesive that is hinged on spot fixing these materials. The product allows an economical installation and secures various kinds of stones and tiles in overhead applications. It works ideally even in high temperatures up to 95°F.

LATAPOXY® 310’s high bond strength attachment works perfectly for spot bonding marble, granite, large format ceramic tiles, along with adhered masonry veneering both interiors and exteriors, on walls and overheads. It does not damage or stain light colored marbles, tiles or stones and can be used on both dry and damp concrete surfaces. Furthermore, it takes only up to an hour to set, with the rapid version setting up even faster. It doesn’t deteriorate over time and resists vibrations and shocks while also saving on resources and ensuring safety.

It is approved by TCNA for interior applications method W215and W260, as well as by ICC, IBC for exterior installations. Additionally, it conforms to EN 12004 and ISO 13007 with a classification of R2T.

Given the safety, durability, high quality and performance of the product, it has been embraced by a host of reputed clients, including global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, Accenture. When it was setting up its new facility in Pune, Maharashtra, there was a requirement for fixing composite marble of size 3 feet x2 feet and vitrified tiles of size 2 feet x2 feet on to a plywood ceiling covering an area of 500 Sq.ft. MYK LATICRETE’s LATAPOXY® 310 Chemical Anchor product came up as an appropriate choice to fix the composite marbles and vitrified tiles straight onto the ceiling using spot bonding method.

Innovation is at the heart of strategy at MYK LATICRETE. It focuses on constantly rolling out new products which represent an added-value to customers and serve the needs of modern architecture.

A Stellar Performance by a Stellar Product

The exterior of a building defines its beauty and makesa first impression on the visitors. Selecting the correct tile and stone products for the walls & flooring outside the building makes a huge difference to thefinish,look& life of the façade.

When tiling or cladding an exterior floors or wallsyou should ensure the substrate you’re attaching the tiles is suitable and will bear the load of the tiles you’re fixing. Most exterior tiles are quite large, and will therefore require less grout as fewer tiles will be required to cover an area, resulting in fewer joints.So, the tile-joint has to be strong.

Why is grout important? When grout (tile joint) does its job, nobody needs to pay it much attention. It’s only when it fails, that people take notice.So what does it do? Grout fills the voids; it makes the flooring, or wall, stronger by bonding the tiles together and preventing the edges of a tile from chipping and cracking. It also provides flexibility and movement space, thus allowing space for expansion and contraction of tiles arising due to external environment conditions.

STELLAR Grout (tile joint) is India’s first ready to use tile-joint and is best suited for internal and external tile joints grouting of residential /commercial installations where materials must resist physical abuse, shock and/or chemical attack. MYK LATICRETE STELLAR GROUT is a single component, high performance, modified joint filling grout, which offers excellent colour uniformity, durability, stain protection, and beautiful tile joints.

A single component grout, designed for exterior use, it has a non-sag formula for floors and walls, is suitable for joints of 1.5 mm to 12 mm and comes in a range of 10 colours. The aggregate is colour coated, which means that the colour of the pigments cannot be washed away.
It can be used on substrates such as engineered marble, vitrified tiles / porcelain tiles,ceramic tiles, granite, marble, metal tiles*, limestone, sandstone, and glass mosaic tiles. It is an excellent tile joint for external water body structures like swimming pools and water fountains.

With its UV resistant feature, Stellar will not yellow, darken or fade. Stellar also possess an unmatched high flexibility making this as a champion tile-joint for exterior applications where thermal movements and other environmental factors are detrimental to the stability of the tile/stone installations. Stellar also does not contain cement-based components that contribute to efflorescence.

Stellar also allows the left over grout to be retained in the original container for use later, whichmeans less wastage for the next job, thus saving onexpenditure.

MYK LATICRETE STELLAR protects your peace of mind by protecting your tiles. The grouts available today are polymer based and ensure colour quality and increased flexibility, but even among the grouts today, it is important to know which one is the best to use.

MYK LATICRETE makes it easy for you to choose by offering you innovation in tile joints.

* Contact MYK LATICRETE technical support.

Design Solutions for Your Dream Infrastructure

Through the ages, architecture has been assisted by major advances in both design and new materials. Architectural developments enhanced design through the construction of arches, domes, frescoes and mosaics adding to the functionality and grandeur of a structure. In order to facilitate this, developments in materials were also crucial.

The Roman invention of concrete – a mixture of lime mortar, sand, water, and stones, in the 3rd century BCE – revolutionised engineering and architecture. As large marble slabs and pillars gave way to tile-covered concrete as the main building material, architects discovered they could be more innovative in their designs.

This has carried over into the modern day with architectural structures ranging from grand, domed building of marble, stone or wood, to free-flowing structures of glass and steel. And as architectural styles change, so do the materials which are used.

Among the many changes in design today, is the use of the metal tile. They have become quite popular in commercial and residential construction, thanks to their versatile nature.

Metal flooring is an excellent flooring solution to the heavy traffic areas where strength and durability is the main aspect to be dealt with. Metal flooring is typically used for multi-story buildings, mezzanines, bridge walkways, porches, in-fills, platforms and parking garages, storage facilities, and so on.

As mentioned, metal flooring is usually seen in outdoor or industrial spaces.However there has been a shift towards using metal tiles in residential homes as wall or floor accents, MS panel staircase. Shaped and moulded into a wide array of patterns, a wall or floor can turn into a statement. Whether they are used in residential homes, outdoors or in industrial areas, metal tiles do possess certain advantages.

Metal tiling is fireproof, water proof, durable and consistent in design and manufacture. They also provide insulation and offer a reduction in energy consumption that lowers expenses for building owners. Metal walls are also considered eco-friendly and sustainable building materials.

However, fixing tiles on metal surfaces and metal tiles on regular surfaces come with its own challenges in construction. Metal surfaces and concrete surfaces are entirely different in their properties.The tiles have to be set and held securely without damaging the tile and metal or concrete substrates.
The innovation in finishing materials also poses new challenges. For example, new, innovative manufactured stones (also known as agglomerates /quartz/engineered stones) use resin binders to make beautiful glossy new age designs in large formats (sizes up to 10ft x 6ft).

The resin binders which are used in these resin agglomerates do not allow cement based slurry or thin set adhesives to form a proper bond with them during installation and can lead to debonding. Hence they require resin based material for installation without debonding for permanent, hassle free performance.

In order to facilitate this and provide architects with design solutions, MYK LATICRETE formulated PUA 212. This can safely – aesthetically, economically and without damage – secure agglomerates tiles, especially metal tiles to the substrate.

MYK LATICRETE’s PUA 212 elasticity, flexibility and sensitivity to all kinds of tiles, stones and substrates provides great bond strength. Completely eco-friendly, it has a EN 12004/ISO 13007:R2TE compliant modified Poly Urathane Adhesive certification.

PUA 212 is designed especially for interior and exterior floor and wall installations of agglomerates, metal tile, and natural stones over concrete and on a variety of substrates including metal substrates and drywall boards.Good for vertical applications, it is also ideal for moisture sensitive tiles/stones.

MYK LATICRETE’s PUA 212 believes in expanding the capabilities of architects and designers by giving them innovative materials to work with helping create monuments that stand the test of time.

Product Innovation – LATICRETE® DWA 215

The development of innovative building materials allows architects to design stunning structures which would not have been possible to create a few decades ago. With concentration on improved strength, flexibility and durability, construction and installation materials are bringing what seems like novel concepts to life.

One of these concepts is the installation of tiles and stones on dry walls. Cement plaster and concrete,though very strong in compression, don’t perform well under tension and high shear. MYK LATICRETE’s Research and Development facility in Hyderabad took note of this and decided to create a high quality, high bond strength adhesive.

MYK LATICRETE’s state of the art R&D facility – ISO 9001 2015 quality certified – specializes in developing innovative, cost effective, user and eco-friendly products for Tile and Stone Installation System, by using the latest technology and resources. When the R&D facility realized the new techniques of installation of tiles and stones on dry walls had become increasingly popular with builders, contractors, as well influencers like architects and structural engineers, they brought the BRAND CHAMP LATICRETE® DWA 215 to life.

LATICRETE® DWA 215 is a modified Polyurethane Adhesive designed for the installation of glass mosaic tile, ceramic tile, vitrified tile and natural stone on most drywall boards and clean dry cement based surfaces. LATICRETE® DWA 215 is a factory made pail consisting of pre-blended single component adhesive which is ready to use.

It is for commercial and residential installations of ceramic tile, vitrified tile and natural stone over most drywall boards and clean cement based surfaces. It can be and is used where installations must resist physical abuse, shock, and mild chemicals (Interior & Exterior).

The product specifications are as listed below:


– Single component/ Ready to use – High bond strength
– No on-site mixing | Fast installation – Saves time
– Economical – Can be used on various dry wall boards

Suitable Substrates:

Concrete* – Cement mortar beds*| Plywood – Gypsum wallboard | Calcium silicate board 0 Bison panel board | Concrete masonry* – Cement plaster*|AAC Block masonry* – Cement terrazzo*| Cement backer board** |Existing ceramic tile | Other resilient tile and stone

With research driving anew understanding of what is required MYK LATICRETE’s penchant for improved and innovative of tile and stone installation materials is evident. A fact which is underlined by LATICRETE® DWA215.

Synthesis of Luxury and Innovation – Hotel ITC Kohenur, Hyderabad.

ITC Hotels added another jewel “ITC KOHENUR” to its luxury chain. Overlooking the
Durgam Cheruvu lake, the hotel is located in IT Hub HITEC city area of Hyderabad. The
new hotel houses spa, meeting and convention centre, suites and serviced apartments and
271 rooms.

ITC Hotels being a prestigious name in the global hospitality industry, had a very high
standard of product specification. Architect firm W.S. Atkins – United Kingdom, who
handled this project, made certain that MYK LATICRETE products were definitely used in
this project, considering company’s successful history of executing similar projects both in
India and abroad.

The areas of tile & stone installation comprised of swimming pools, guest rooms,
bathrooms, reception and corridor areas spreading to 2 lakhs sq. ft.

MYK LATICRETE System proposed:


– a speciality adhesive for fixing tiles on dry wall boards was recommended for installing Italian marble on calcium silicate boards in reception area,
conference rooms & bathrooms covering an area of 60000 sq.ft. LATICRETE® DWA 215 is
a modified Polyurethane Adhesive which is pre-blended single component and ready to use


– a two component modified Polyurethane Adhesive designed for installation of tiles on various substrates was recommended to fix natural stone on
metal surface.


Multipurpose Thin-set Adhesive was used for fixing glass mosaic tiles in swimming pool. This multipurpose polymer fortified thin-set adhesive is single component with high adhesion suited for demanding applications like swimming pools & water bodies
LATICRETE® polymer modified thin-set adhesive creates a tenacious bond for the glass
mosaic tiles. Superior strength, flexibility to handle structural movements, non-sag
property are among the features of LATICRETE® 335 Multipurpose Thin-set adhesive.


Stainfree Grout for Floor N’ Wall was used to fill the joints between glass mosaic tiles. SP-100 stainfree grout provides superior resistance to chemicals used for water treatment, pH imbalance & delamination from movement.
Latex fortified thin-set adhesive LATICRETE® 111 Crete Filler powder mixed with Latex 73
admix was used to clad Italian marble of size 3’x4′ on pillars.


Ag Silver Thin-set Adhesive was used for fixing vitrified tiles on plastered walls in bathrooms spanning an area of 15000 sq.ft.

MYK LATICRETE ability to provide single source responsibility for these demanding, high performance applications dovetailed with technical & after sales service makes it the ‘Numero Uno’ choice of clients.