TCS – Global Development Centre, Hyderabad


 The Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Global Development Centre

( Deccan Park ) is spread over a colossal 350,000 sq.ft and is one of the largest establishments by an IT company in Hyderabad. TCS being a renowned company had various solutions offered by leading companies in the market for the highly complex installation of  red agra natural stone on the external facade, but decided to go with Laticrete, the world leader in tile & stone installation solutions.

Initially the very thought of installing a natural stone with adhesives was a challenge and a difficult proposition to convince the TCS team and the architects involved, as the fear of debonding of stone was on top of their minds.

Laticrete with its proven history of similar projects executed world over and backed by proven product performance, managed to lay the fear of debonding to rest and convince architects and the client to go for the Laticrete system proposed.

The next challenge was to accomplish the proposed task, for which Laticrete deputed its technical supervisors to train the local team of workers and ensured that the installation was carried out as per Laticrete’s  global standards.

The Principal architects for the prestigious project were Mario Botta from Switzerland and the local Indian architects were A.A. Associates from  Mumbai.

Some of the demanding features of the project:

Installing  red agra stone of size 280 mm x 140 mm, 30mm thick over an area of 1,40,000 sq. ft., of an external wall.

Providing a grout colour to match the colour of red agra stone.

Reducing the porosity of red agra stone.

Providing a flexible sealant matching the colour of red agra stone to accommodate the expansion & contraction.

Installation system proposed by Laticrete:

Laticrete Latex Fortified Adhesive i.e., Laticrete 111 Crete filler powder mixed with Laticrete 73  admix was used as an adhesive to install the stone. Laticrete Latex fortified adhesive has the ability to withstand varying weather conditions, thermal stress, shock impact and provide a very strong bond.

Laticrete Latex Fortified Grout i.e., Laticrete 500 series sanded grout mixed with Laticrete 282 grout admix was used to fill the joints between the stones and make them strong, dense,  colour-fast and less water absorbent.