Tanzanian Embassy, New Delhi

Delivering the highest standards Tanzanian Embassy, New Delhi

The Tanzanian embassy is amongst the significant buildings to have emerged in the capital New Delhi.

Bhayana Builders were the main contractors for this esteemed project, who in turn had sub-contracted the external cladding to Nishant Builders.

The LATICRETE® technical team along with Mr. Anil Misra of Nishant Builders proposed LATICRETE® System for installation of natural stone on external façade.

The principal architect Mr. Venkat Pillai of M/s Nirman, after conducting an

in-depth study on the technical superiority of the proposed LATICRETE® system, specified the same to complete the desired installation system.

LATICRETE®, with its proven history of similar projects executed the world over and backed by proven product performance, added trust and confidence to adopt the LATICRETE®  system for the project.

Scope of application:

LATICRETE® was entrusted with the task of installing Rossa Pink Stone of 18 mm thickness and different sizes of 600mmX230mm, 100mmX600mm, 100mmX450mm     & 80mmX450 mm on the external façade of 43 meter height covering a total area of 25000 sqft.

To provide the right adhesive for fixing the stone on an external façade without the use of mechanical anchors and also to enable it to withstand thermal stresses such as high heat, low temperatures, rainfall, wind load etc.

To provide an appropriate sealer to reduce porosity of Rossa Pink Stone as it is a natural stone that is very porous in nature.

Installation System proposed by LATICRETE®:

LATICRETE® 111 Crete Filler Powder mixed with LATICRETE® 73 Crete Admix was used to produce a high strength adhesive to fix the Rossa Pink Stone on the external surface. LATICRETE® Latex Fortified Adhesive has the ability to withstand varying weather conditions, thermal stress, shock &  impact and provide a very strong bond.

LATICRETE® 190 Sealer Stone and Grout Protector was used to form an invisible barrier that is resistant to moisture and reduce the porosity without altering the natural look and color of the stone. It also makes the stone weather-resistant.

This prestigious project is another addition to a growing list of successful installations by LATICRETE® in the industry.