Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

Making its mark with royal perfection!             

Taj Lake Palace, 5 Star Luxury Hotel, Udaipur

 Udaipur is known as ‘the city of lakes’, considering the widespread water bodies located there. Going in the same tradition, The Taj Lake Palace, one of the most well known 5 star hotels in Udaipur, is also located in the middle of a lake, ‘Pichhola’, on an artificial island. Since the hotel reflects rich Rajasthani royalty, the management felt only Laticrete, the world leader in tile & stone installations, could do justice to the execution of a project related to its existing swimming pool.

The architects for the project were Mr. Sanjeev Gupte and the contractors were Mr. Vipul Mathur & Mrs. Vicky Mathur of Raghuvansh Creations. The chief engineer representing Taj Lake Palace was Mr. Devender Singh.

The existing swimming pool developed leakage problems and had to be fully renovated. The job of providing right products for such demanding applications was entrusted to Laticrete. Such was the confidence developed by the management after Laticrete successfully completed the execution of its projects related swimming pools in Taj Rambagh Palace, Jaipur. The task of completing this job was getting tough due to heavy rains during the execution of the project and transportation problems worsened the conditions further.

Scope of application:

Being an island, there were various factors that had to be considered while installation, like the level of lake water was higher than the level (depth) of the pool, which attracted tremendous pressure on walls from outside.

  • To provide good water proofing materials and right adhesives for fixing the stones in the pool (of depth 4 ft), which were of the size          6.3 mts. x  11.8mts.
  • To avoid leakage of lake water into the swimming pool, the highly efficient  Makrana pure white marble and Jaisalmer stone were used.
  • Makrana pure white marble & Jaisalmer stone, both of the size 15” x 15”, were to be fixed on the vertical wall.
  •   Makrana pure white marble of sizes 9” x 9” & 8” x 8”, and Jaisalmer stone of sizes 15” x 15″ &   8”x 8” were to be fixed on to the floor of the pool.
  •   Makrana pure white marble and Jaisalmer stones, both sized 12”x 12”, were to be fixed on       to the pool deck area.

Installation system proposed by Laticrete:

  • Surface of the pool was prepared with Laticrete 9237 Water proofing Membrane, which was applied to the floors & walls on cement sand screed. The fabrication was done on the corners and coves to provide protection against water leakage.
  • Mixed with Laticrete 3642 Latex Admix, cement and sand were applied as a leveling  coat on both floors & walls to the thickness of 5 – 6 mmm on the waterproofing membrane.