Statue of Unity, Gujarat



The Statue of Unity stands high not only as the tallest statue in the world, but also in terms of academic, historical, national and spiritual values. Built to pay homage to Sardar Patel’s part in uniting this great nation of India, the Statue of Unity in Gujarat is 182 meters tall – a fitting tribute to Sardar Patel’s stature.

MYK LATICRETE has contributed to the making of monuments of historic and patriotic value across the globe. Carrying on this tradition, MYK LATICRETE is honoured to play its part in the making of the Statue of Unity. To meet the statue’s world-class standards, Larson & Turbo decided to turn to the Leader in tile & stone installation materials – MYK LATICRETE.
MYK LATICRETE’s world-class products are equipped to with stand heavy wear-n-tear the flooring undergoes due to high foot traffic at the monument.

Specific MYK LATICRETE products were used for installing sandstone and granite of sizes ranging from 600mm to 1000mm over 6 lakh sq. ft area which includes the facade, the sloping roof and internal flooring.

• SP-100 tile-joint which is 100% stain-resistant was used to fill joints between sandstone and granite. SP-100 tile joint is crack resistant, easy to clean and withstands high foot traffic.

• The LATICRETE® 111 filler powder fortified with the LATICRETE® 73 admix was used to fix sandstone & granite on floor and wall. This high strength formula has ultimate flexibility and is highly suitable for varied climatic conditions.

• LATICRETE® 190 sealer was used to seal sandstone and granite, thus reducing the risk of staining and water absorption.
Given the scope of the project, efficient and innovative contributors like MYK LATICRETE enabled the completion of this project record time. MYK LATICRETE is proud to be part in this magnificent tribute to the invincible spirit of India.