Leonia Holistic Destination, Hyderabad

Enhancing aesthetic appeal with world-class solutions

Leonia Holistic Resorts, Hyderabad.

Leonia Holistic Resorts, located at Shameerpet Hyderabad is a serene estate that spans 250 acres. This holistic resort blends traditional and modern perspective in a unique, natural and inspired setting. When it comes to quality and strength in construction of Leonia,  MYK LATICRETE left  no stone unturned.

As the In-house architects were very meticulous in using quality products, they convinced the Leonia Group to choose MYK LATICRETE products with its proven history in providing successful solutions for tile & stone installations.

Client                                    :               Leonia Holistic Resorts

Builder/Contractor         :               Leonia Group

Architect                             :               In-house

Tile type and Area           :               Glass Mosiac Tiles – 80000 sq.ft.

Ceramic Tiles                     –              30000 sq.ft.

Vitrified Tiles                    –              100000 sq.ft.

Granite                                 –              15000 sq.ft

MYK LATICRETE System Proposed:

  • LATICRETE 252 Ag Silver Glass Mosaic Adhesive is a high strength  polymer modified adhesive which was used to fix glass mosaic tiles in the swimming pool, toilets, waterbodies for durable installations.
  • LATAPOXY SP-100 Stainfree Grout for Floor N’ Wall was used to fill the tile joints in between glass mosaic & ceramic tiles in waterbodies and toilet areas to give stainfree, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal tile joints.
  • LATICRETE 600 Series Unsanded Grout mixed with LATICRETE 1776 Grout Admix was used for grouting Glass Mosaic & Vitrified tile joint installed in the Lobby and Hall areas for non-cracking & durable tile joints.
  • LATICRETE 111 Crete Filler Powder mixed with LATICRETE 73 Crete Admix to produce high strength adhesive to fix Granite/stone on kitchen wall areas.LATICRETE 290 Premium Floor N’ Wall thin-set adhesive was used for fixing of Ceramic tiles in toilets areas.