Hotel Wyndham, New Delhi


 Wyndham Hotel Group, one of the world’s largest hospitality companies having presence across six continents recently opened a complete luxury hotel “Wyndham New Delhi”.

Wyndham being a prestigious name in the global leisure industry, had a very high standard of product specification. Mr. Subhas Dabas,  promoter of Wyndham Hotels under the firm name M/s. Tirupati Buildings & Offices Pvt. Ltd. made certain that MYK LATICRETE products were definitely used in this project, considering his high level of satisfaction of using our products in his earlier ventures.

The areas of tile & stone installations varied from rooms, restaurants, banquet area, bathrooms and shopping mall area.

Promoter                                            :  M/s. Tirupati Buildings & Offices Pvt. Ltd.

Total area of application              : 4 lakh sq. ft (400 Toilets, Restaurant & lobby)

Challenge in the Installation

The objective of MYK LATICRETE team was to provide a full proof system to fix tiles on gypsum board which was used as internal partition walls.

Gypsum Boards are very porous in nature, non-load bearing & delicate by property.  Hence, it defies the traditional installation systems for fixing tiles over them.

Solution provided by MYK LATICRETE

Installation of tiles/stones on Gypsum board required a custom recommendation of MYK LATICRETE Products.

  • Substrate Gypsum Board was treated with a single coat of LATICRETE® 9237 Waterproofing Membrane to arrest the porous             nature of  Gypsum Board.
  • A combination of LATICRETE® 290 Thinset Adhesive fortified with Latex Admix LATICRETE® 73 was recommended for the optimum, durable & trouble free installation of tiles.
  • LATAPOXY® SP100 Stainfree Grout was used to fill joints in between tiles in restaurant area to give stainfree, anti bacterial & anti fungal tile joints.
  • Aqua Shield, the hydrophobic grout was used to fill tile joints in bathrooms to give water resistant and easy maintenance tile joints.
  • LATICRETE® 600 Series Unsanded Grout mixed with LATICRETE® 1776 Grout Admix Plus was used to fill joints between tiles in shopping mall area for non-cracking and durable tile joints.

MYK LATICRETE once again proved to be the first choice for clients looking for the highest quality solutions in tile & stone installations.