Collectorate Building, Indore


 The new collectorate building at Indore is located in heart of Indore city. It is the hub of governance for the district of Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

The architects M/s Mehta & Associates, Indore were aware that it would have to be a perfect blend of design and aesthetics with right choice of products for  perfect installation of tile and stone. Based on proven performance history, MYK LATICRETE was chosen to provide tile and stone installation solutions.

Client                                    : Indore Development Authority

Architect                             : Mr. Jitendra Mehta, Mehta & Associates, Indore

Contractor                          : Mr. Omprakash Amarnath, Ujjain

Total area of application              : 1.4 lakh sq.ft

The biggest external cladding project in Madhya Pradesh – executed with precision  without using mechanical clamps.

The main challenge was to fix highly porous Dholpur stone of size 2 feet x 1 feet weighing approx. 16 to 20 Kgs on the exterior facade which is exposed to external weather conditions such as varying weather temperature, rainfall, wind etc.

Installation system proposed by MYK LATICRETE

Laticrete 111 Crete Filler Powder mixed with Latex 73 Crete Admix was used as an adhesive to fix Dholpur stone on the external wall. Laticrete latex fortified adhesive has the ability to withstand varying weather conditions, thermal stress, shock & impact and provides a very strong bonding.

To accomplish the installation successfully, MYK LATICRETE deputed its technical site engineers to train the local team of applicators and ensured that the installation was carried out as per standards.

Once again MYK LATICRETE expertise and quality of work was instrumental in making a landmark building in Indore.