Catch Mineral Water Plant, Kulu

Absolute purity comes with unmatched quality. – ‘Catch’ Mineral Water Plant, Kulu.


If mineral water is the produce, it calls for a surrounding that practically bans entry of everything. Only products with proven history of performance in such conditions enable clean & hygienic surroundings as required. That’s the reason why Noida based makers of mineral water brand ‘Catch’, Dharampal & Satyapal Group, chose none other than Laticrete, for their manufacturing facility at Kulu, Himachal Pradesh.

Mr. N.N.Rao, in-house project manager, was instrumental in giving Laticrete the opportunity to prove itself and its superiority over the existing competitors in the market.

Laticrete was entrusted with the task of installing 30,000 sq.ft of vitrified tiling on floors and walls and that too in very demanding working conditions with temperature as low as 50 C. Added to that, the location being very remote, was also a major setback due to lack of proper transportation facilities.


Scope of Application:

The following were the range of applications to be accomplished by Laticrete:  Vitrified Tiles of size 300 mm X 300 mm with a thickness of 9.5 mm were to be installed over the existing floors covering over 4000 sq.ft It was a  tile over tile application. Vitrified Tiles of size 400 mm X 400 mm with a thickness of 12 mm were to be installed. The area in consideration was 14,000 sq.ft.  Tile joints on floor were to be filled to withstand and protect the floor from varying degree of temperatures and to facilitate ease of maintenance  along with stainfree & hygienic conditions, which do not allow  the growth of bacteria. Installation System  proposed  by Laticrete:  Laticrete Floor & Wall Thinset Adhesive, a high performance dryset adhesive, was recommended to fix the vitrified tiles of 300 mm x 300  mm with a thickness of 9.5  mm over the existing floors for renovation, which would result in strong bonding and ensures flexibility for  expansion and contraction in varied temperatures.Laticrete 3642 Latex Concentrate was mixed with cement & sand for leveling of the mortar bed and to fix vitrified tiles measuring 400 mm x 400 mm with a thickness of 12 mm covering the area of 14,000 sq.ft for a perfect leveling bed.Latapoxy 2000 Industrial Epoxy Grout was recommended for filling of tile joints, as it would help resist the varying temperature conditions, heavy traffic and ensures clean & hygienic joints.It is once again proven that, no matter what the conditions are, what the challenge is, Laticrete is always ready with turn-key solutions for a problem free installation. It has once again lived up to the complete faith put in by Dharampal & Satyapal Group and has established its superiority in offering quality solutions, even in the most difficult of conditions.