Tile on Tile – A Possibility with LATICRETE® 252

Tiles are staple to upping the ante of any room. But they can be pretty rigid when it comes to installation. So, when re-tiling is in question, more often than not, the practice is simply avoided because it can entail some serious renovation and rake up bills. What do you do when you have to give a space to makeover or replace jaded tiles that are taking away from the vibe? Spaces such as the bathroom and kitchen are often contenders for re-tiling since they are exposed to a lot of moisture, grime, and dirt and can affect the aesthetics and functionality of tiles to a significant degree.

While re-tiling is always an option, there is another convenient option to consider before you break ground or decide to do away with it completely: Tile on Tile. Most floors and walls can be updated simply by way of fixing tile over tile. If most of the existing tiles are intact and fixed to the ground/wall, they make the perfect substrate for being laid on with fresh tiles. Now that that is covered, there is one more element that needs to be taken into account: adhesives.

Traditional tile adhesives don’t work in terms of providing a stable base to the new layer of tiles. Since most tiles can tolerate humidity and absorb the least amount of water possible, these adhesives can fall short. If not adhered right, both the tile layers can lift up or even wane over time from external pressures such as walking over or moving things around. MYK LATICRETE thereby designed a new formula – the LATICRETE® 252, a one-step, polymer fortified thinset mortar. Armed with the qualities of superior strength and flexibility to deal with structural movements, the adhesive makes a strong case for a tricky job such as tile-on-tile. But that doesn’t mean it is any less easy to work with. A single component adhesive that requires only water means that it is not demanding in terms of labor and can be economical while offering unsurpassed adhesion. With practically nil VOC, they don’t off-gas, so they are safe for the environment and you.

It also has a non-sag property, can bond to a range of substrates and can take on extreme weather conditions making it a multipurpose adhesive suitable for external facade installation of small format vitrified tiles, stone quarry tiles, ceramic tiles, pavers and brick etc. It can be used as a slurry bond adhesive in wet on wet application as well.

With its list of advantages, the LATICRETE® 252 not only scores over traditional adhesives but also offers safety and style without all the extra costs of pulling out tiles, saving time, reducing dust & debris and faster tile installation.