Tile Installation at The Jio Centre with MYK LATICRETE

Tile Installation at The Jio Centre with MYK LATICRETE: A powerhouse of products

The Dhirubhai Ambani International Convention and Exhibition Centre, standing tall at the nexus of Mumbai’s commercial zone has set a new standard for convention centers globally. Equipped with an avant-garde infrastructure and rooted in immaculate hospitality, the center has reimagined and reshaped the exhibition experience on an international scale both in terms of size and value. This is where the latest innovations in products and services converge with the center acting as a hub for new connections, economic activity, and knowledge sharing. Given the sheer scale of the project and the nature of the building, there were quite a few challenges and very specific requirements that came with it. But MYK LATICRETE’s sophisticated products stood up to these specificities in the following ways:
• The 1,65,000 sqft exterior façade was to be fitted with Panna Fragolla and Satvario stones, each measuring 600*1800 mm and weighing a whopping 100+ kgs. It required a durable, heavy-duty adhesive that could lock the stone in place without leaving any space for possibilities of slipping or sagging, now or ever. LATAPOXY 310 epoxy anchor adhesive, a two-component chemical anchor designed to ensure a durable permanent bond on vertical surfaces was the perfect choice. It eliminates the need for a mechanical anchor or clamps and resists any vibration or shock. It also takes care of the aesthetics as it keeps the appeal of the light-colored stones intact with its non-staining properties. Even at temperatures as high as 95°F, the adhesive maintains its non-sag consistency

• The glass mosaic tiles which adorned the numerous water bodies and fountains in the exteriors were secured with LATICRETE 254 PLATINUM thin-set adhesive, thanks to its good underwater shear bond. From enabling the tiles to stay put in the erratic weather conditions under which Mumbai reels to handling structural movements, the single component polymer fortified mortar helped achieve unparalleled bond strength. All it required was the addition of water, simplifying the task of fixing the tiles. Its tenacious bond makes the product suitable for wet areas such as swimming pools, sauna, and wash rooms

MYK LATICRETE PUA 212 eased the installation of natural stone on metal. As a two component, modified Polyurethane Adhesive designed to adhere various tiles and stones to any substrate, this product is highly elastic and thixotropic and aces projects which require laying water-sensitive tiles and stones over highly deformable, expandable, absorbent and non-absorbent substrates. Seeing as it is economical and easy to use, it served well in bringing down the costs of the material as well as labor
The project was completed successfully and MYK LATICRETE was able to reinforce its position as a technologically advanced solutions provider with the best-in-class products for unique installations.