LATICRETE 325 High Flex

Renovate your home interiors this festive season by fixing tile on tile with MYK LATICRETE.

What’s on your mind for this Festive season? Is it buying new clothes, renovating your home or something else? Whatever be it, topping the list of preparations is one common thought, i.e. adorning our home to be festive-ready. There are various aspects one contemplates while considering decorating one’s home. For some, it could mean buying new furniture, for some setting a new dining table, for some painting the house, for some fixing tile on tile, and so on.

In this article, let’s elaborate on the idea of fixing tile on tile. Tiling impacts the overall look of interiors. From the living room to the balcony area, the floors are, in most instances, tiled. Tiling enhances the look of a room and is most preferred when one considers renovating their home. There are a plethora of trendy tiles in the market today for one to choose from.

The thought of changing tiles from the traditional pattern to new trendy patterns crosses one’s mind time and again. But considering the mess, we rethink of options and procrastinate renovating our interiors.

Tile on tile is the ideal option you could opt for to renovate your home. You save on resources, time, cost; there’s no mess and you reap the best. Having said that, there are a few precautions one must consider while choosing tile on tile option. Check for hollow sounds or cracks on the tiles and consider removing those tiles and then fix new tiles. The other parts of your interior can directly be fixed with tile adhesives specially made to fix tiles on tile. Keep in mind while fixing tile on tile, the floor raises from 1 to 3 centimeters. So, see to it that areas such as door frames, furniture’s and bathroom storage units are fitted accordingly.

LATICRETE 325 High Flex by MYK LATICRETE is the perfect adhesive for fixing tile over the existing tiles. This high flex adhesive is used to install various types of medium & large format tiles & stone on a variety of substrates using the thin-set method of installation. It is specially designed for floors and wall installation of all types of tiles, such as ceramic, vitreous, semi-vitreous, glass mosaic, precast terrazzo and natural stones over existing tiles, concrete and a variety of substrates.

So, are you game to get your home festive-ready? From fixing tile on tile to any other tiling requirement, MYK LATICRETE has the ideal solution for your tiling requirements. The wide range of adhesives from the house of MYK LATICRETE are specially designed for all your tiling needs. To know more, connect with us today.