DWA 215

Product Innovation – LATICRETE® DWA 215

The development of innovative building materials allows architects to design stunning structures which would not have been possible to create a few decades ago. With concentration on improved strength, flexibility and durability, construction and installation materials are bringing what seems like novel concepts to life.

One of these concepts is the installation of tiles and stones on dry walls. Cement plaster and concrete,though very strong in compression, don’t perform well under tension and high shear. MYK LATICRETE’s Research and Development facility in Hyderabad took note of this and decided to create a high quality, high bond strength adhesive.

MYK LATICRETE’s state of the art R&D facility – ISO 9001 2015 quality certified – specializes in developing innovative, cost effective, user and eco-friendly products for Tile and Stone Installation System, by using the latest technology and resources. When the R&D facility realized the new techniques of installation of tiles and stones on dry walls had become increasingly popular with builders, contractors, as well influencers like architects and structural engineers, they brought the BRAND CHAMP LATICRETE® DWA 215 to life.

LATICRETE® DWA 215 is a modified Polyurethane Adhesive designed for the installation of glass mosaic tile, ceramic tile, vitrified tile and natural stone on most drywall boards and clean dry cement based surfaces. LATICRETE® DWA 215 is a factory made pail consisting of pre-blended single component adhesive which is ready to use.

It is for commercial and residential installations of ceramic tile, vitrified tile and natural stone over most drywall boards and clean cement based surfaces. It can be and is used where installations must resist physical abuse, shock, and mild chemicals (Interior & Exterior).

The product specifications are as listed below:


– Single component/ Ready to use – High bond strength
– No on-site mixing | Fast installation – Saves time
– Economical – Can be used on various dry wall boards

Suitable Substrates:

Concrete* – Cement mortar beds*| Plywood – Gypsum wallboard | Calcium silicate board 0 Bison panel board | Concrete masonry* – Cement plaster*|AAC Block masonry* – Cement terrazzo*| Cement backer board** |Existing ceramic tile | Other resilient tile and stone

With research driving anew understanding of what is required MYK LATICRETE’s penchant for improved and innovative of tile and stone installation materials is evident. A fact which is underlined by LATICRETE® DWA215.