Build faster and cheaper with MYK Laticrete tile fixing systems

Innovative Mivan initiative ‘Planet SKS’ Leverages High-tech Tile Installation Solutions

The construction industry in India is in the midst of a milestone-crossing spree. Among the recent successes is the adoption of the MIVAN formwork. A construction technology that offers higher architectural and design flexibility while enabling completion of construction projects economically and at an unsurpassed pace, the system is gaining ground in India. ‘Planet SKS’, a ground + 35 storied high-rise apartment in Mangalore, constituting 169 3 bhks and 4 bhks is among the early adopters of the technique. The landmark building backed by the construction prowess of Larsen & Toubro (L&T) underlines the commitment that the builders and the promoters SKS Netgate had in mind: one that was oriented to quality, efficiency, low cost, and long-term value. The partners chosen for the project were to reflect these values as well, and that is where MYK LATICRETE featured. The leading force in tile fixing was commissioned to provide a hassle-free installation solution across a ~3.8 lakh sq. ft area in the residential property.

The installation system proposed and used by MYK LATICRETE involved the following:

  • The vibrant swimming pool was fitted with glass mosaic tiles across a8000 sq. ft area using the LATICRETE 252 Ag Silver high polymer modified thinset adhesive. A specialty adhesive, it has been formulated specially for such tricky installations where a strong underwater shear bond is necessary to keep these installations intact over decades of use. While a highly technical water- and shock-resistant product, this single component adhesive trumps most alternatives in the market in terms of its ease of use, economical application, and bond strength. It was also used to fix the deck area of the swimming pool
  • To further secure the glass mosaic tiles in the pool areaand give the pool a crisp, finished look, the MYK LATICRETE SP-100 tile joint was employed. The grout has been formulated with a strong resistance to chemicals intended for water treatment and pH balance,adding rigidity and strength to the tile work. Its stain- and water-resistance and anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties have further elevated its functionality. This would help keep the pool looking pristine and equally clean by preventing the tile joints from harboring germs
  • A truly versatile product, the LATICRETE 252 Ag Silver thinset adhesive was also used for internal cladding to fit vitrified tiles on all the bathroom walls in the residential property. Given that the surfaces are dense in the Mivan construction method, there was a need for an adhesive that could guarantee a fail-proof bond. Since the product exceeds ANSI A118.4 shear bond strength conditions and the IS 15477 – Type 2 Adhesive standards, the product fit the requirement hand in glove

The project was completed successfully with no excess time or resources being lost to complex and lengthy tile installations. MYK LATICRETE aims to continue supporting the vision of innovators and the initiatives of the early adopters in the building space in order to meet the aspirations of a new generation of customers.