Get Creative with Grout: Innovative Design Ideas for Bedrooms

Grout isn’t exactly known to be an aesthetic detail. It is largely white, bland, and simply solves a functional purpose. But lately, grout has undergone a massive upgrade. From lending an expensive flair to ordinary tiles to making a statement in just about any room, tile joints can add quite some personality and dramatically change the feel of a space without blowing the interior budget. There are essentially three basic ways of employing grout across projects for a variety of design interpretations depending on the room:

Teen Bedrooms: Teen bedroomstend to have a lot going on. The space is often more than just for resting. It can play host to friends and witnesses a ton of activity. So it’s only right that these bedrooms reflect the high-energy with contrasting colors of grout. Using simple colors but in contrast to the tile can draw attention to the shape of the tile and instantly elevate a drab wall. Light tiles with a dark grout or a dark tile with a light grout are combinations that are foolproof. For instance, pair a white tile with an electric blue grout or a dark navy tile with and off-white grout.

Kids Bedrooms: Lend a playful vibe to a kids room by pairing edgy colors with equally whimsical tiles. They can create a ton of texture and make the space appear busy allowing for a perfect way to capture kids’ wild imaginations. Try hexagonal shaped tiles with a bold color from the opposite end of the color wheel.

Master Bedrooms: Often the epitome of sophistication, master bedrooms work well with achromatic palette. Choose various hues of the same color for the tile and the grout or a complimentary, coordinated color scheme to add interest without breaking up the flow of the tiles. Think teal tiles and a dark green grout. Seamlessness is another way to go and can be achieved by using the same color of grout as the tile. It can visually expand the size of the space and make the large master bedroom feel even larger. Black tiles with black grout is an up-and-coming theme.
That’s not to say that these grout themes can’t be switched up between rooms. It comes down to the individual taste and preferences and what is on the agenda in terms of achieving a specific look for a space.

Keeping up with these trends in design, MYK LATICRETE introduced the SP-100 Tile Joint in more than 40 colors. From muted tones to bright colors, it covers the entire spectrum of grout themes allowing for endless combinations. It is 100% stainfree and extremely easy to clean, so chances are the grout will help retain the beauty of the space for decades to come. Beyond its aesthetic, the grout is also water resistant and germ resistant, temperature- and chemical-resistantand fits in with both floors and walls so its applications can also spread to bathrooms and kitchens. It is well suited for a range of tiles such as ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, and marble and stone.