latapoxy 2000

Extend the Life of Industrial Flooring with LATICRETE 2000 Epoxy Grout

Flooring is pervasive. It’s an inherent part of every building structure. But each floor is different. Residential and commercial environments are built to take the brunt of daily activities and low to high traffic. But industrial environments are a whole different ballgame. Typically, the floors associated with these areas have to withstand the possibilities of dropped tools, machinery, pedestrian traffic, and trolleys among others. Sites that use chemicals and are equipped with heating and cooling systems also require special treatments/flooring options that can adhere to several safety and hygiene standards.While a ton of flooring options have been introduced that can withstand these stresses, the same cannot be said for joint fillers.

Traditional or inferior joint fillers aren’t hardy. They deteriorate when subject to the above conditions, and pretty fast, causing them to leave gaps in between tiles. The smallest area of unnecessary spacing with an adjacent tile or unbonded grout can slowly affect the tiles and lead to cracks in the floor. Left unattended, they damage the flooring and could result in the development of infectious organisms under the flooringover time, leading to expensive and unnecessary renovations. Not to mention all the downtime that causeslosses in business and productivity and the risk of putting the health of those working in the facility in jeopardy.

There was a clear need for a solution that could combat all these factors. MYK LATICRETE’s LATAPOXY 2000, a three part, 100% solid epoxy grouthas thereby emerged as the clear choice.When put to test, the grout is able to deal with everything from heat to industrial ovens to chemical/liquid spills including most corrosives, acids, and solvents owing to its extremely high chemical, and temperature-resistance properties. It also acts an active anti -fungal and -bacterial, effectively fighting germs. Given that it is easy to clean with both water and steam means that the floor and grout is kept looking fresh and almost as good as new. It is also fast curing so work can be resumed within 24 hours. It works in a range of corrosive environments such as:
Industrial: Dairies, bakeries, cheese factories, meat packing plants, breweries, soft drink plants,canneries, confectioneries, and more.
Commercial: Institutional kitchens, fast food restaurants,laboratories, and cafeterias among others.
The product is offered as factory proportionedkits constituting hardener, chemical resistant silica filler, and epoxy resin.
With a variety of high-impact products across different applications, MYK LATICRETE is among the most versatile tile and stone installation solution providers on the market today. It has gained a stellar reputation for offering durable products that are both aesthetically appealing and flexible.