MYK LATICRETE - Strellar Grout

Details that Matter : STELLAR Grout

When thinking about the flooring of any project, choosing the right flooring is largely hinged on the tile /stone complementing the décor and adding to the space’s functionality. But for the flawless execution, looking beyond the type of flooring and the size of the components is essential. Think grout. Grout is more than just a filler in the seams of a tile. Without it, tiles are likely to see their time faster because as they say the devil is in the details. It keeps the floor under the tile protected from dirt and water or moisture and protects the tile from cracking and chipping.

That being said, not all grout is created equal. Those that are on the market such as cement grout, can include more than a single pack or may necessitate the use of water/liquids prior to application. Since this entails a lot of measuring and mixing, there are high chances that the proportions will be off when the job is rushed, leading to cracks. Porosity has also been a concern. Traditional grout is largely riddled with undetectable openings that serve as a conduit for dirt, mold, and more. So long before the grout expires, it will become stained and unattractive no matter how religiously the floor is cleaned. There has been an added risk of sunken holes or sagging into the joints specially when the joints are large. Using these grouts in outdoor applications has further invited inconsistency in performance. Taking all this into consideration, there was clearly a need for a better product

Shaking up the formulaic response to creating products, MYK LATICRETE dove deep into the purpose, the constraints, and the application of grout and designed STELLAR. It immediately saw success and gained the trust of professionals in the world of building and outside. Case in point: The National War Memorial, an incredible 40-acre monument that recognizes and honors those who have given their lives fighting wars while serving in the nation’s armed forces. A project of that stature commands only the best of products. MYK LATICRETE shouldered the responsibility of providing floor installation solutions and the STELLAR grout, a high performance modified joint filling grout with a no-sag formula featured prominently. Used across a stone floor spanning 4,00,000 sqft, the joint filler ticked all the right boxes. Given that the area is so large and the job at hand so meticulous, the grout’s easy-to-use, flexible single component formula came to the rescue, helping complete the project without a lot of hassle and within the required timeframe. Functionality-wise, it is non-cracking and -powdering, helping preserve the timelessness of the monument. The product’s superior durability, chemical/stain protection, and UV and temperature-resistance only added to its life-extending properties by saving the floor from the extreme temperatures of Delhi and keeping it looking pristine. Versatile as it is, it also lent excellent colour uniformity through the Parchment and Canyon red colors of the grout.
This demonstrates that no matter the industry standards, MYK LATICRETE’s products have shown to outperform!