Adhesive Tailored for Industrial Applications: LATICRETE 111+73

Industrial flooring is subject to pretty arduous conditions as it handles and facilitates movement of man, materials, and machines. Add the need to comply with health and building code requirements to the mix and the perils are compounded.Impact damage, moisture ingress, thermal shock, and absorption of dangerous chemicals are just some of the many demands on industrial floors.

There are unique problems associated to an industry and no two industries are the same. For instance, in large distribution centers, the base for the floor needs to be incredibly flat to reduce vibration of lift trucks while they are moving; the aviation industry calls for floors that can withstand the aviation hydraulic fluid.While seemingly small, when these demands are not factored in during the installation, this can lead to a wrecked floor or an improper installation followed by a facility shutdown or halted operations leading to losses.Given that they are anything but cheap, ensuring that these floorscan withstand the demandsis essential.

It is quite common to reach for the traditional cement and sand mortar, but it can go down fast. Tiles and stones can lose their integrity due to high pressure, come loose from differential thermal expansion, develop cracks and have uneven levelling. Plus, these products aren’t built for the contrasts inthe composition of various tiles. There is an obvious need for an adhesive that can take care of all this and more. As a result, MYK LATICRETE designed the LATICRETE111 + 73 solution, wherein the LATICRETE 73 Rapid Crete Admix is used for polymer fortification of the LATICRETE 111 Crete Filler Powderto produce an adhesive that is unrivalled in terms of strength and flexibility seeing as it exceeds ANSI A118.4 shear bond strengthrequirements. It is also an all-rounder when it comes to fixing a variety of extremely large format tiles and stones both in the interiors and the exteriors.The adhesivehas a superior underwater shear bondallowing it to tackle the challenging job of setting tiles and stones in wet areas.Put the adhesive under any kind of stress from thermal shocks to water and it comes out a clear winner.The LATICRETE 73 also provides longer potlife and working time in hot weather conditions.The product is thus perfect for highly critical areas suchas industrial plants.

In addition to products such as these, the company has also come out with a well-rounded industrial flooring systemthat can cater to a wide range of facilities regardless of the requirements. Constituting a latex fortified adhesive, underlayment mortar, an epoxy adhesive and a chemical resistant epoxy grout, it renders any kind of floor with a high level of endurance against heavy traffic and load. It has the capability to keep downtime to a minimum, so precious time is not lost installing or repairing floors.

With a range of industry leading,comprehensive flooring lines on the market, MYK LATICRETE has something for all possible kinds of tiling requirements in the industry.